IT Consultancy: How can we Help?

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Today we are going back to basics with IT Consultancy. This blog explains a little about who LaneSystems are, what exactly it is we do and most importantly, how we help our clients. Keen to learn more? Read on…..

When was LaneSystems formed?

Founded by Michel Lane over 15 years ago, LaneSystems was born. Over time, a team of highly experienced IT consultants has developed. As a company, we are consistently praised by clients for going above and beyond. This attribute comes naturally to all of our staff members and is part of our ethics as a business. We like to build long lasting relationships with clients, always ensuring their IT consultancy needs are met head on. As an aged company in the local area of Teesside we serve all of the North East. Our portfolio has grown extensively over the last 15 years.

How is the team constructed?

We have three directors. Founder Michel Lane, Financial Controller Galina Lane and Mark Shields, our Operations Director. From here we have a duo of business development and operations managers. They are responsible for managing client relationships and play an intrinsic role within the company ensuring all new business is looked after accordingly. We also have a team of technicians. Each of these individuals specialise in a specific area of IT consultancy. All knowledgeable, extremely capable and specialising in a specific area of IT, they continue to go the extra mile for clients ensuring all systems are in order. At the heart of our company and usually the first face you see when visiting is Hayley. Working as our Administrative Assistant, Hayley meets and greets guests and clients, ensures all calls are directed to the right person, keeps diaries and appointments up to date, takes minutes at meetings, places orders for stock, chases orders for stock and generally looks after the running of the office. Without Hayley the team would be lost! Put names to faces and meet our team.

Where are we based?

We have clients spanning the entire North East including Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington, Sunderland, Gateshead and Newcastle. Our Head Office is based in Fishburn, Stockton with our most northerly office in Gateshead. Want to pop along to see us? That’s no problem. The kettle is always on in both offices. You will receive a warm welcome alongside the right advice based on your needs.

Tell us a little about how you work

LaneSystems understand the importance of working with optimised IT systems and infrastructure. We also understand people, professional relationships and cost effective solutions. Our consultants have the knowledge and ability to assess the needs of a company before recommending the best possible communication systems. Advice comes without obligation and we only offer guidance upon products and services that meet business goals, expectations and budgets. IT consultancy at LaneSystems includes:

  • Helping companies cut costs and work within budgets
  • Ensuring 24/7 availability through a technician and online support
  • Tailoring solutions to fit exact business needs
  • Investigating growth potential through advice and support
  • Offering high levels of customer service as standard
  • Adopting corporate responsibility by going the extra mile for charities

Each of these factors has helped shape the reputable and well-known company we have become.

Tell us a little about corporate responsibility

As a functioning business we are here to provide a service. We also however take corporate responsibility very seriously and recognise the need to support others. We currently help the Citizens Advice Bureau, The Carers Trust and MAIN. Offering our services to them allows us to give a little something back. And it’s not just IT consultancy that helps such charities. We also get involved in bake sales and events in order to raise both money and charity profiles.

What services are included with IT consultancy?

By strict definition, IT consultancy is the art of advising on the best possible systems and systems a company should adopt. Actual decisions fall to business owners. Starting out with client consultations we then move on to offering relevant services. These will depend wholly upon specific needs. At LaneSystems we offer the following:

IT Support: we provide guidance on effective, cost effective and bespoke infrastructure. Working as an IT partner we have the ability to solve an entire range of problems, leaving you with confidence in your technology. Through strategy we can look at business growth potential and timescales.

Cloud Services: By assessing existing circumstances we will determine if cloud services are right for you. If deemed a viable option we will provide you with a strategic breakdown of the benefits and advantages. Once in place you will have full access to 24/7 support if required.

Security Systems: Enhanced security is designed to protect your companies internal systems. We look at the best possible antivirus to meet your needs whilst protecting against worms, trojans, viruses, phishing, malware and spyware. We also have a range of defences from both internal and external threats. Technology becomes more sophisticated each and every day. With this in mind, an IT consultant needs to be extra vigilant and have the most up-to-date knowledge available. This then needs to be relayed to clients. Our security systems are put in place to guarantee the safety of data.

Enhanced Security: As you will have ascertained from the above, we take IT security VERY seriously. At Lane we have systems to work against the loss of business-critical data. Through the creation of internet and network usage policies we will ensure your team has enough knowledge to help stop an attack before it actually happens.

Data Recovery Services: Let’s say for argument sake that your IT systems go down. During this downtime you lose data intrinsic to the running of the company. How would you proceed from here? Just let that thought sink in for a moment. Scary? Absolutely! Every business should own a data recovery policy and have a plan in place should the worst happen. We determine bespoke corporate data recovery solutions for companies and ensure the least amount of downtime possible.

: We offer offsite backups where data is encrypted locally using a 256 bit encryption key. It is transferred securely to our datacentre and gives business owners peace of mind. Knowing all data is safely backed up leaves you with one less thing to think about.

IT Funding: Price accounts for a lot. At LaneSystems we are highly competitive and pride ourselves on offering only the services necessary to each specific company we work with. Tell us your budget and we will work within this. Remember when we said we always go the extra mile? One of the ways we do this is via IT funding. Our team has extensive knowledge on the grants and funding available across the North East to help with IT based projects. But we don’t just stop there. Taking it one step further we go through the entire application process with clients. This ensures all relevant information is included in order to result in a positive outcome.

Overall, IT consultancy is intrinsic to the successful operations of any business. Not only does it allow for the smooth running of systems, it protects internal and external data as well as staff members and clients. In the long run a business will save money and by adopting the right methods early on, growth is inevitable. This is all however, providing you partner with the right company.

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