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Stress-free Office 365 for your business

Microsoft 365 & Teams

Choose Microsoft Office 365 and couple this with Teams, here at IT Support Specialists, LaneSystems. Ideal for the office, this duo is the perfect solution for remote working. Office 365 is great for companies and organisations no matter their size. Communication is straightforward with Teams, helping to keep employees connected no matter where they work. This combination evolves with your needs and our team are here to help facilitate growth. We will implement Office 365 and Teams giving you easy access to collaborate well. Speak to us now for details.

Outlook & SharePoint

As part of Office 365, why not utilise Outlook and SharePoint? When packaged together with Teams, every company is set to work anywhere, no matter what’s going on with COVID-19. Let Outlook manage important personal details whilst adding meeting dates to the calendar and scheduling tasks. Collaborate documents swiftly with SharePoint to allow other team members  access to both view and edit as required. Outlook and SharePoint work perfectly with Teams, keeping you well connected. 

No Hassle, No Fuss. Just Professional Office 365.

Cutting Costs

You will automatically reduce costs by using Teams from Microsoft Office 365. Video conferencing allows meetings to take place without the need to travel, no matter where you are. All you need is an internet connection! Cut call & travel costs without missing out. Invite your team & clients to Teams. 

Always Available

The beauty of Teams is it never goes away. Easily collaborate at 10 in the morning or 10 at night! Add people to group conversations, create, edit & share files and organise task lists for important projects. Teams & SharePoint allows employees to better focus on work related tasks.

Tailored Solutions

We will listen to what YOU need & suggest the right advanced capabilities from Microsoft Office 365. Structuring organisational access to files & project channels, your company is given the ability to work as a team, from anywhere. Organise with Teams. Schedule with SharePoint.

Growth Potential

Microsoft Office 365 gives your company freedom with the capability to grow. Through Teams, Outlook & SharePoint you are given a social & professional environment which automatically increases drive and productivity. At LaneSystems we scale this up & down as required. 

Customer Service

With a wealth of features we make Teams, OneDrive & SharePoint straightforward. We’ll train your team leaving everybody confident with the new road ahead. You’ll be given access to a great way to work with fantastic communication for  increased productivity & transparency.

Corporate Responsibility

Work-life balance & well-being are key elements of productivity. Microsoft’s MyAnalytics Dashboard gives team members insights to increase collaboration, focus & most importantly manage the amount of personal time undisturbed by work matters. Look after your team.

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