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Review Cloud Requirements

Taking your company to the next level could well include the use of Cloud Solutions and here at LaneSystems we are industry specialists. Get in touch with our team today to begin your journey. We’ll begin with a thorough evaluation of existing systems to determine if Cloud Services are the best way forward for your company. Through an entire analysis of existing infrastructure we’ll have the relevant knowledge to decipher how the cloud will positively impact your business whilst encouraging growth. From the most secure storage options to the safe use of Teams and Office 365 for hybrid working, our team will help.

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Cloud Advantages

With numerous advantages attached to Cloud based solutions we’ll highlight those most applicable to you and your business. You and your team will reap the benefits of easy access to files and data anywhere in the world whilst company costs remain minimal. In addition, Cloud services allow you to reach company goals in terms of scalability and we’re here to help you achieve this. At LaneSystems Cloud Services in Middlesbrough, Gateshead and across the North East are available. 

No Hassle, No Fuss. Just Professional Cloud Services.

Cutting Costs

Cloud services at LaneSystems are highly cost effective. Basically, you pay for exactly what you use as opposed to masses of empty space. This has a positive knock on effect to outgoings and cash flow, potentially reducing the annual operating costs of a business. Cloud services do not rely on internal power sources to store data.

Always Available

That’s the beauty of the Cloud, it’s always accessible alongside internet connection. With the right solutions you have the ability to work remotely on important documents, perfect for the hybrid working method. You and your team have secure, unlimited access to the files and information you need around the clock and we’re here to support that.

Tailored Solutions

The dynamics of every company differs and it’s our job to ensure the Cloud services you choose match these specifically. Through consultation we’ll discuss the existing methods you’re using and determine business goals. From here and as your IT partners, we’ll recommend the best possible solutions to help push your business forward. 

Growth Potential

At LaneSystems we understand that in business it’s all about growth and we have the knowledge in Cloud systems to help facilitate this. Our aim as a company is to support you into the future whilst ensuring you have everything required to function effectively and achieve growth. We’re here to help throughout the good times and the odd pandemic!

Customer Service

We’re not just your Cloud service provider, we’re your IT support partner. Customer service to us involves the progression of professional relationships way into the future and we thrive on your success. Don’t just take our word for it however, please view the multiple reviews left for us by extremely satisfied clients.

Corporate Responsibility

At LaneSystems we approach corporate responsibility with understanding and generosity. Not only do we encourage the educational growth of our team, we’re passionate about social corporate responsibility also and this is highlighted in the work carried out for local charities and organisations.

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