Stress-free IT Security Systems for your business

Antivirus Protection

IT security systems involves the protection of computers and laptops, fundamentally important when running your own business. Using the correct antivirus helps combat Worms, Trojans, viruses, phishing, spyware and malware, offering a defensive barrier to internal and external threats. IT security systems are a must. With technology advancing faster than ever, highly sophisticated security threats are created daily. Breaching previously unseen network vulnerabilities, it is advisable for companies to deploy a highly proactive approach. Data is required to be kept safe and secure behind relevant firewalls. IT security systems help to achieve this.

Enhanced IT Security

Our focus remains wholly upon our clients. From Stockton to Durham and Middlesbrough to Newcastle, relationships are at the core of our company values. We ensure systems are kept fully operational with IT security systems existing to protect your company and offer peace of mind. Keeping you informed of processes at all times, you will become well versed in terms of IT Security systems and how they benefit your business. We will discuss protecting you and your team against loss of business-critical data of employees and customers. We will also investigate internal internet and network usage policies. The latter makes sure your team knows exactly what they can do to help stop attacks before they happen.

No Hassle, No Fuss. Just Professional IT Security Systems.

Cutting Costs

LaneSystems can help analyse current spend and evaluate where savings can be made within IT security systems. By looking at your existing infrastructure we will devise a bespoke plan based upon your budget and specific requirements.

Always Available

It is important to feel secure with any company you choose to do business. Our customers and their companies are important to us and this is why IT security systems are available around the clock. We make sure you are fully protected.

Tailored Solutions

The way in which you run your company is likely based upon a set of specific processes that work well for you. We are here to assess these processes and provide bespoke IT security that suits your needs. All of our solutions are tailored.

Growth Potential

Our IT Security systems are bespoke to your needs and as your company grows we will develop alongside you. Guiding you throughout the process we use our expertise in IT to ensure you fully meet your growth potential.

Customer Service

When you receive good customer service you are more likely to build a better relationship. At LaneSystems we pride ourselves on retention and this comes through the way we treat clients. Our service and reputation is high class and this will show.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is important to LaneSystems and we like to give something back. Our team offer a varied and specific skill set and this is something we offer to clients as and where appropriate. Your business is important to us.

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