Stress-free IT Consultancy for your business

The Big Picture

Based in Stockton we serve Teesside to Newcastle and everywhere in between. Our IT consultancy services provide a cost effective and time saving overview of your current communication systems. We will look at your existing telephone, broadband access and website related products before advising accordingly.

Expert Advice

LaneSystems like building relationships and will become your IT Business Partner. We will manage all your IT requirements leaving you to concentrate on your business. We guide you every step of the way and will only advise on technology that guarantees improvements to your north east business.

No Hassle, No Fuss. Just Professional IT Consultancy.

Cutting Costs

We understand the importance of saving money where it counts. In terms of IT infrastructure, we have the ability to fully audit existing systems and determine how best to change these. We have your best interests at the forefront of strategy.

Always Available

Sometimes you may need us during unsociable hours. This is something we cater for by ensuring someone is always available. We work with clients both remotely as well as onsite and like to ensure systems are running effectively at all times.

Tailored Solutions

LaneSystems provide a range of solutions, bespoke to the relevant needs of your business. We will look at your needs before potentially recommending IT Consultancy, IT Support, Business Computer Support, Disaster Recovery and Risk Assessment.

Growth Potential

Here at LaneSystems we are a business but we also like to give something back. Recognising the expertise that comes with our profession, we donate our time and skills to clients where appropriate. Such appreciation goes a long way in the local community.

Customer Service

Recognising the need for a company to grow is something we always take on board. Investing in IT Consultancy allows LaneSystems to support company growth through strategic solutions. Our trained professionals are here to guide you through this process.

Corporate Responsibility

Building long lasting relationships is very important to LaneSystems and this is why customer service is a huge focus for us. People are our priority and the service and strategies offered are uncomplicated and without jargon. Your company is important to us.

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