Stress-free Cyber Security for your business

Are you Cyber Secure?

If you’re not cyber secure, you will experience an issue. Whilst an attack is inevitable, it’s important to understand you will recover from it as long as the correct process is carried out. At LaneSystems we begin with a free internal security audit. This determines areas open to potential cyber-attacks and allows us to put relevant measures in place.

Keeping your Data Safe

Backing up your data alone is simply not enough. It certainly doesn’t keep you protected from cyber threats. We need to ensure your company is fully covered and will look at anti-virus, malware protection, Windows updates and even internal security policies. Having the best defences in place gives you the best chance of remaining cyber secure.

No Hassle, No Fuss. Just Professional Cyber Security.

Cutting Costs

Cyber security is necessary for your business. Through a free audit we will determine specifically the protection you need to keep data safe and secure.

Always Available

Our team make themselves available for you. We understand that cyber attacks pose a constant threat and want to make sure you are fully covered with available contact to an expert.

Tailored Solutions

The solutions we provide are bespoke to your needs. By assessing existing systems and through careful analysis, your audit will include only the protection you need.

Growth Potential

At LaneSystems we want to be your IT partner, offering support through cyber security as your company grows. We are here to keep your data safe and your company protected.

Customer Service

Client relationships are fundamental to the success of our company. Our technicians are knowledgeable, experienced and personable, giving you the confidence in our service.

Corporate Responsibility

We take corporate responsibility seriously by helping the local community remain cyber secure. We donate time, skills and experience to local companies, keeping their data secure.

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