IT Funding Solutions

You may have already read that technology is the fastest moving industry in the world.

An Employer

Who wants to replace your PC's with laptops to allow your staff to be more mobile

Growing SME

Perhaps you are a growing SME wanting to improve your systems by installing a server

Bespoke Software

In need of some bespoke IT software in order to progress with your business development

Let’s Get Started.

We already offer different leasing packages to tailor for your business needs, but if that isn’t the route you would like to take, we can assist you in accessing up to 40% funding for your business improvement project, whether you are based in Tees Valley, County Durham or elsewhere in the North East. We are a registered Provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness.

Alternatively, we can even signpost you to a variety of business loans from £500 to £150k with terms up to 15 years. We have a dedicated member of staff who will support our clients throughout the process.

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