What It’s Like To Be A Business Admin Apprentice

Posted By: Claire Sunday 7th May 2017

My name is Hayley and I’ve been a business admin apprentice here at LaneSystems since October 2016. Having already gained a level 2 qualification, I am currently working towards my level 3 in business administration which is equivalent to an A level. I decided to undertake an apprenticeship after I had finished my A Levels because facing another 3-4 years in education while racking up a massive debt for the pleasure really didn’t appeal to me. The qualification itself is extremely versatile, it was tailored to the diverse range of tasks I undertake in my day to day role at LaneSystems so that the coursework I complete would relate to my job.

If you’ve called our office in the last 6 months, there’s a good chance you’ve heard my voice but it’s highly unlikely we’ve ever spoken for too long because it tends to be one of our many technicians that you need. Joining the LaneSystems family has taught me a lot, not even just about admin either, I’ve certainly learned a fair bit about I.T. – not too much though, I’ll not be popping in to look at your server any time soon! In my role I have tasks such as taking calls, greeting visitors and taking meeting minutes. As well as this, I ensure all our deliveries come in including following up with our suppliers if they’ve not turned up, I check products in and out ensuring the right things came in and that we can keep a track of them and that they then get to the correct clients, I also arrange returns if there is something wrong with the product. As well as this, I put together support packs and packs for review meetings, I also get to put my hands to some more creative things too such as the monthly newsletter or email mailshots to clients too.

Overall I really enjoy my job, there’s a fair bit of behind the scenes work to help things run smoothly, from helping technicians when undertaking jobs to helping out with contract renewals, I have a little bit in it all!