The Pros of Cloud Storage for Businesses

Posted By: Helen Friday 7th May 2021 Tags: ,
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Over the last few years we’ve seen a massive surge in the uptake of Cloud Services for business, but what specifically is the reason behind this progression?

“Involving Cloud Storage within your business gives you the upper hand in responding to fast changing IT related needs whilst fostering the latest innovations”.

What are the positives of Cloud Solutions?

  • Easy Access
  • Money Saving Process
  • Ideal for Disaster Recovery
  • Scale With Ease
  • The Cloud = Speed
  • Storage Immortality

Let’s begin with ‘Easy Access’;

The Cloud has possibly never been more intrinsic to a business than over the last year. With so many companies employing the hybrid method, staff members have been given the ability to securely access files from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection.

The Cloud offers a ‘Money Saving Process’

Generally, for small and medium sized companies (or SMEs), Cloud storage is available at minimal costs. The Cloud does not rely on internal power sources to store information remotely so therefore the annual operating costs of a business reduce potentially dramatically.

And if ‘Disaster Strikes’…..

No business owner likes to think a disaster may occur. When you’re prepared with an emergency backup plan however, the effects of data loss remain minimal. In this instance, Cloud Storage can be used to make secondary copies of important files and data. Should your primary source of data happen to be compromised, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge there’s a backup just seconds away from direct access.

How about ‘Scaling With Ease’?

As mentioned above, the cost benefits attached to Cloud based solutions are very little. In addition, you will only ever pay for the amount of storage space required. Should your company experience a fast period of growth, your Cloud operator can facilitate this quickly and effectively thus meeting your needs head on in a timely manner. Alternatively, should certain files no longer be required, you always have the option to reduce space whilst making new company savings.

The Cloud is similar to Speedy Gonzales!

When supported in the right way, speeds have the potential to rival that of onsite scores (and these when managed correctly are already super fast)! In this instance, your company has the ability to facilitate the backup of data from multiple servers at the same time. This proves infinitely quicker than  using disk space. 

Storage Immortality

Now this advantage will be based upon the specific needs of your company. Using the Cloud in the right circumstances means companies don’t need to purchase hardware that requires updating and potentially even becomes obsolete over time. A Cloud provider ensures the use of the latest technologies via the necessary updates whilst their customers use only what’s required.

The Cloud is Here to Stay

The Cloud certainly isn’t going anywhere and if anything is further progressing with ever growing technological advancements. This specific service ensures important data is easily accessible, has low costs, provides the perfect disaster recovery option, is versatile and always kept up to date (meaning it’s fully secure).

Is it time you made the switch?

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Stay tuned for our next blog which dives into some of the reasons the Cloud may not quote be the solution you’re looking for just yet. Remember, we’re here to help and advice so if you’re unsure, get in touch.