Teesside: We’re Making a Comeback

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How about some positive news? It really is true; the resurgence of Teesside is becoming stronger than ever and showing absolutely no signs of slowing . At  LaneSystems we are absolutely thrilled and wholly proud to be a part of the journey. 

Today we are taking a look at just what’s happening in our region. Delving into the Freeport status, the hosting of Treasury North and expansion plans at Wilton (who we currently support with IT Services), we’re highlighting positivity through job creation and in turn, a boost to the economy.

Freeport Status

Teesside Freeport

Back in September of 2019 we were stuck in a ‘no deal Brexit’ and it was during this time plenty of discussions were had regarding a ‘freeport’ opportunity. Conversations to ensure effectiveness encompassed the need for detailed regulations, specifically tailored to the practical and economic realities of Teesside. With marked benefits for the region, this status was certainly one worth fighting for.

Inline with the spring budget, in March 2021, our region (The Tees Valley) was among the first in the UK to gain Freeport Status.

So what exactly are the benefits?

We must initially point out that the Teesside Freeport is in fact THE largest in the UK. Fitting into roughly 2,550 football pitches, the port currently spans a massive 4,500 acres. Over the next five years it’s estimated the port will create more than 18,000 jobs; a fantastic and welcome boost for our area. It’s also suggested £3.2billion will be injected into the economy.

Some great news after a difficult 18 months

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If the news of our Freeport Status wasn’t enough, how about the hosting of Treasury North in Darlington? As part of its levelling up agenda, the government is set to move 22,000 civil servants out of London by the year 2030.  Initially, 750 senior civil servants will relocate to Darlington whilst senior officials and the chancellor will spend considerable time in Darlington.

What does this mean for our area?

Firstly, it means we outran cities such as Newcastle and Leeds, a fantastic boost considering Darlington holds town status over city. The move itself will not only be responsible for the creation of well-paid jobs for locals, it will highlight the region’s priorities to the very heart of the government. This truly amazing win is one we should not only be proud of in Teesside but follow with enthusiasm.

But there’s more;

It’s sometimes easy to focus on the negatives, especially considering everything our area has endured over the last 18 months. Teesside truly is coming back fighting and there’s currently so many wonderful good news stories emerging from the business world.

The Growth of Wilton Engineering

picture of engineers

Over the years, Wilton’s reputation has grown exponentially for the manufacture, industrial coating and loadout of large complex steel fabrications for offshore wind, oil and gas, subsea and the defence sectors. This in itself has created hundreds of jobs for local people across time. Having recently acquired 58 acres adjacent to its base, the Wilton Universal Group, coupled with the parent company of EEW Offshore Structures will create a combined 122 acre site. All of this is to be located on the sunny banks of the river tees.

How many jobs did you say?

The new site is home to sizable workshops, a blast and paint facility alongside slipways and a wet dock and endeavours to create up to a massive 200 jobs.

At LaneSystems we have supported Wilton for a number of years and are looking forward to continuing and further growing this business relationship for many to come.

Have a good news story you’d like to share with us regarding your business? We’d love to hear from you.

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