Outsourcing IT & Hybrid Working

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The pandemic has completely changed the way in which we not only live our day to day life but the way we work also. From food shopping to holidays and home schooling to meeting with loved ones, we have all had to adapt in some way or another. With a huge shift in the way we now conduct business, the need to increase IT support and security has never been greater. Companies across all sectors of all shapes and sizes have had to learn to adjust to the latest COVID-19 safety guidelines to ensure the safety of employees whilst maintaining productivity. For many, working from home has become the ‘new norm’, due to the simple fact that such alternatives are crucial for business continuity.

We’ve previously discussed the Hybrid working method and how effective this has become. As of today, this method truly is the future. If you’re yet to come across this as a modern way of working, the Hybrid Method involves a combination of work spaces including at home and on site or via a different location. Such flexibility allows businesses to continue functioning whilst providing the safety and flexibility for staff members.

IT Security & Hybrid Working

Many companies have been blessed with flexibility and the ability to continue trading. With this however comes an entire new set of responsibilities for business owners surrounding levels of IT Security. Are your staff well versed in Phishing emails? Are they able to identify genuine requests from the fake? Are your systems which include customer data and important company information, locked down to the outside world? Outsourcing IT Support in this ‘new world’ is essential to avoid disaster.

COVID-19 has  demonstrated that productivity can be conducted almost anywhere. A central point however remains an important place for teamwork, collaboration and group projects.

Taking this central point online;

Now that we’re a year into this conundrum, the chances are you’ve had some experience of using Zoom or Teams for face to face meetings. These services may never fully relinquish the beauty of physical meetings, but they certainly fill an essential gap. At LaneSystems, not only have we helped numerous clients work smarter and safer with Teams and Microsoft 365, we’ve enlisted this ourselves.

Benefits of Teams & Microsoft 365

Using Teams has allowed companies worldwide to remain in touch with both customers and staff on a regular basis whilst keeping everyone completely safe. The beauty of this software lies within its functionality. Users have the ability to conduct video calls and conferencing, screen share, enlist multiple participants, share and access documents and much more. Teams is the perfect addition to companies and organisations of all sizes across the globe. Since its launch, Microsoft Teams has become the fastest growing app in Microsoft’s history with more than 330,000 companies worldwide using it effectively. 

IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing providers take the entire responsibility security, maintenance and any potential IT related problems. Such a service relieves stress from you and your employees, especially whilst hybrid working. Companies usually use IT outsourcing to minimise labour costs. Paying a company directly significantly reduces outgoings as there’s no requirement for a specialist to work internally. Ultimately if you’re looking to focus more on the core aspects of your business, IT outsourcing is the perfect solution.