NHS Covid-19 Vaccine Scam Alert

Posted By: Claire Friday 29th January 2021
NHS Covid-19 Vaccine Scam

As with most opportunistic scammers, they tend to jump on the next ‘big thing’ in an attempt to pull the wool over their unsuspecting victims eyes. Sadly, the global Covid-19 pandemic is no exception to this. Scammers have taken the vaccine roll out as an opportunity to try and draw your personal information from you including bank details. They have been sending emails out that look to be inviting you to go and receive a vaccine, there’s a link that you click on where it takes you to a web page to ‘register’ yourself. Some also ask for bank information for ‘verification’ purposes.

In light of this, the NHS have shared a tweet stating that the vaccine is free to all under the NHS and that they would never ask for bank information or any other forms of ID to verify your identity.

It is so important to remain vigilant and to help others do so too. Those less ‘savvy’ or with a less keen eye for detail would quite easily be tricked by this. Traffic data for the link in these emails suggest that thousands did infact click through to the link but doesn’t indicate how many of those may have filled out their details.

Once again we’d like to remind you that should you receive an email you weren’t expecting, seems not to be from who they say it is or just seems genuinely not right, do not click any links in it  or respond to it. Find a number online for the organisation they say it’s from and call directly to query it. You may also forward the email to enquiries@lanesystems.co.uk and it’ll be passed on to our techs to check it’s validity for you.

Any queries, please contact us,

Call: 01740623582 Email: enquiries@lanesystems.co.uk