Mark Shields, Heading to WMO World Championships

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At LaneSystems, we are VERY excited to announce that our very own, Mark Shields is heading across to the WMO (World Martial Arts organisation) World Championships in November of this year. As a well-established, Teesside based company, it’s great discussing IT support, but we also like bringing our clients and readers good news stories. This week, we spent some time chatting to Mark about his past time, achievements and what this opportunity means to him.

We are seeking support from our clients and readers, for Mark. Attending the WMO World Championships and representing England, the Koguryo Freestyle Martial Arts School (KFMAS), based in Horden, are seeking help through sponsorship to get the team to the championships, held in Blackpool. It’s always wonderful to see colleagues with outside passions, especially when they could potentially win a title! Anything you can do to help Mark and the KFMAS team would be amazing. Please click through to their just giving page to show your support and any shares via social media will certainly help to spread the word far and wide.

Over to you Mark.

Q: Can you tell us first of all Mark, what exactly is the WMO World Championships?

A: ‘Yeah, absolutely. WMO Worlds is a competition involving many martial art disciplines from many countries around the world. The competition includes Kata, points and continuous fighting amongst others. There is something for everyone’.

That sounds amazing!

Q: So how did you qualify for the World Championships?

A: ‘Through qualifiers in the WMO British Championships Nationals in February, and the Legacy Challenge in Peterlee in March, I gained my place in the England Squad. I qualified in traditional Kata and points fighting. Many students from the club, KFMAS, qualified, and it would be great to get as many of them to the World Championships as possible’.

Congratulations Mark, we are all rooting for you and the club!

Q: Can you explain a little about Kata and points fighting?

A:Kata involves a series of details rehearsed moves and patterns. They have to be performed accurately with correct technique and focus. Points fighting is a form of competition fighting whereby you score points by landing strong techniques on your opponent. The points awarded depends on the technique used and where on your opponent the strike lands. More points wins.’  

Sounds very exciting!

Q: When did you first start martial arts training?

A: ‘Mark smiles as if reminiscing, ‘As a child I attended Lau Gar Kung Fu classes. My dad was an instructor and I really enjoyed watching him and the challenge. By the time I went to university, life had taken over so I stepped back for quite a while. More recently, not getting any younger, I felt I needed to do something to improve my health and fitness. IT involves many hours of sitting at a desk. I’ve always enjoyed exercise and regularly attend the gym, but I found a lack of motivation when working out alone. This is something you get when practicing martial arts, so I went back, and found KFMAS’.

That’s quite the history!

Q: Have you won any competitions since starting again?

A: ‘It’s clear Mark is bashful when sharing his achievements. ‘Yes, the club attends many competitions over the year. Over the couple of years I have been back training I have been to quite a few competitions and brought home quite a few medals. Among others, I’ve have won two gold medals when competing in the Nationals in Rugby this year’’.

You should be proud Mark!

Q: Finally, how do you feel about heading across to the championships?

A:  Mark looks thoughtful, ‘Quite good actually. I’m definitely looking forward to it’.

We all wish you the very best of luck!

How wonderful is this to hear? If you would like to help support Mark and the rest of the club, you can donate via their Just Giving page. For more information on the club, please head across to the KFMAS Facebook page . All monies raised go towards entry fees, accommodation, branded tracksuits and uniforms.

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