IT Consultancy: A Transparent Approach With Access to Funding

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You’ve likely heard the quote, ‘The best things in life are free’. Whilst this may be accurate when referring to friends, family and relationships, we’d like to ask if the same quote can be applied in business.

As a company with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, we have learned first hand, the importance of building strong relationships. At LaneSystems our direct approach encompasses knowledge, understanding and long term plans directly correlating to client goals. Whilst our time and support is subject to fees our team doesn’t clock watch. It’s important to us  that everything IT related within a company is working efficiently and correctly.

So what happens when tasks require additional attention?

We don’t bill for this. Should something need additional consideration in order to perform at its best we stay to ensure this happens. As industry professionals we have a duty to ensure your business can run productively. As people, we want to be assured we can leave a premises with confidence.

‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do’, Steve Jobs.

At LaneSystems not only do we love what we do, we thrive on watching the growth and success of our clients.

Why do clients stay with us?

Some companies who have chosen LaneSystems for IT management have been with us since the year we launched. The loyalty from such companies is in return for strong business relationships, competitive costs and our unique support with funding applications. Not only do we have insight into availability, we work with clients throughout the application process.

How do we work?

Firstly, we must review the differences between IT services and consultancy. Services are carried out specifically by IT professionals or companies working within the industry.Included within support services are:

The above examples encompass numerous additional areas such as anti virus, PC and laptop purchase, Microsoft 365 and more. Each of these factors are handled by IT professionals and should any issues arise, these are dealt with also.

How about IT Consultancy?

Expert advice is provided by an IT specialist whose job roles consist of developers, software engineers, architects product owners and more.

In essence, support specialists will manage IT for you. Consultancy provides advice and guidance from a professional.

Our Top Tip

We’ve mentioned this tip in a previous blog post and the reason we’re highlighting it is because it encompasses our ethos extremely well;

‘Understand fully the needs of your client. Learn their company history, goals, targets and fears. Distinguish their human side from the professional. Your success in building a relationship heavily relies upon how you engage with the person as opposed to technical abilities’.

At LaneSystems we have varying levels of support available, based on specific needs of individual companies. The way in which we compile support packages is based not upon financial gain as opposed to the services required. Through research and in-depth conversations with clients we are able to build up solid pictures of company goals. These factors are important considerations in terms of relevant services and successful relationship building.

‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure’, Colin Powell.

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