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UK small business sector marches on with local businesses getting a helping hand through a new app being developed in the North East.

Back in 2006, the government released a white paper. This stated that if we did not begin using our local businesses, they would start to disappear. The paper was aimed mainly at the retail sector. It looked at how industry giants such as Tesco and Asda are responsible for the provision of products and services also offered by local, independent companies. The paper also highlighted the fact that larger players are given cheaper rates due to larger buying power. Concern spread and rightly so. Marketplaces are currently dominated by a few key players but do not provide a diverse selection.

The economic crisis brought about by many factors. Some large companies could no longer facilitate their businesses and had to close. This in turn fuelled a rise in micro and small businesses. As of 2017, he United Kingdom was home to 5.7 million businesses. This is an increase of 1.4 million since 2008. Of this number, 96% are made up of micro and small businesses employing 0-9 people.

So why buy local? We have heard so much about it yet often find ourselves buying from larger stores. The reasons are usually one of convenience. There are many factors as to why, but a report running back in 2013 showed that for every £1 spent in a local shop, 63p returned to the local economy. When spending with a national chain, the amount dropped by 23p to just 40p. ‘So what’? many might say! Let’s take perspective; if we could spend just a little more money locally rather than with the big names, the 63p would increase. The results? This money would help to generate more local wealth meaning so many more people benefit. It’s definitely worth consideration.

Running a small business is hard work. Let’s reflect back to the stats. 96% of the existing population represent micro and small businesses. Owners often wear many hats and juggle time in order to keep companies running effectively. Advances within technology means even more hats are required day-to-day. Digital Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), AdWords and remarketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and understanding analytics! The list is never-ending. Our business eco-structure has changed drastically over the past five years, even more so over the last three.

When Mobibud talked to local businesses, they learned that one of the biggest challenges is keeping up with the latest trends and marketing their businesses effectively. Budgets are tight and owners find themselves competing with larger companies who seem to take over everything online. Whilst some have experienced a certain amount of success across different platforms, they struggle for time to keep on top of it. A further issue highlighted through marketing and the online world was sales. Lead generation and making sales is becoming more difficult. Brand new companies are finding this more difficult than ever. Start-up costs now include websites and online marketing strategies for which they do not receive instant gratification. These methods take time. Mobibud assessed these issues. They decided to build a product to help alleviate them. Designed not to replace the above-mentioned strategies, this tool has been designed to further enhance methods. The added bonus sees immediate results instead of having to wait weeks or even months. Engaging in real time, small companies in the UK can generate business, fast. You can view a short video detailing how this tool, known as Biz-Buddy, works, over at the Mobibud website.

The team behind the company and the product are dynamic and focused. With their backers, they aim to change the way business is generated locally.

Biz-Buddy is an exciting new mobile application that helps local, micro and small companies generate business in real-time. Using the phones location service, it allows companies to find and be found their products and services. Unlike conventional search systems the emphasis is placed specifically on those who want your business. It removes the hassle of looking for businesses who don’t respond or when they do, are not actually able to help. App features allow for an effective addition to any other marketing strategies and tools you currently use. This speedy method will reduce the cost of acquisition.

LaneSystems were involved in a period of pilot testing by using Biz-Buddy. The tool then went live earlier this month.

The future

Mobibud will continue to add in new features, all aimed at helping local businesses get the most from the app.

  • Desktop version to provide an easier format for updating profiles and loading images
  • ‘Point on map’, to allow users to select an area from anywhere in the country and select a business local to that point
  • Marketing, to provide a way of small businesses putting out adverts to others in the area at a low cost
    Biz-Buddy is not about Mobibud. It’s about local businesses. This way no company should be left out and all local businesses can prosper

Mobibud have many ideas for the future and all of these are aimed at bringing money back to local economies. Based in Middlesbrough they have a wider goal to help all areas of the country by employing people across the whole of the UK and helping companies based in every area.

Their Promise:

Mobibud will not promote or recommend one business above another. They will also not look to take work from local SME’s by providing services already being provided by others. Their business model is simple:

“We provide a way of businesses matching together for services and products on a platform which uses geolocation. Our solution will advance as we move forward but will always be aimed at allowing local SME’s to promote their services and products”

Biz buddy is now live and available to download in the app store & Play Store.

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