Hardware to Work Smarter in 2021

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With many of us now used to the hybrid working method, hardware becomes more important than ever. Today we’re discussing some of the ‘must have’ items that will inevitably make your daily working routine not just easier, but way more productive.

Be more dynamic this year

If you’re yet to experience the utter brilliance of the 4K screen we suggest you down tools now to investigate. Never will you truly understand the full productivity potential until viewing your work on a screen of this nature.

But there’s even more benefits;

In terms of cost, 4K screens are relatively inexpensive and don’t have to make a dent in outgoings. Whilst excellent for general, daily use, 4K offers a first-rate experience to graphically intensive work such as video and photo editing.

Talk to Type

Whilst not specifically hardware, this feature is found on PCs, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. Serviceable dictation is completely free of charge, built into windows and mac. Whilst possibly not quite up to the required standards for creating lengthy content pieces, if you can leverage dictation accordingly, it’s guaranteed to shave time off certain tasks. Great ways to utilise talk to type include short back and forth conversations via email. Why not give it a try?

It’s all about the right mouse;

If a laptop is your ‘thing’, you surely must become frustrated using the trackpad? Granted, some work well but others; there’s no words. Finding the right mouse is the difference between less and more productivity. Similarly to the 4K screen embargo, it doesn’t have to cost through the nose as opposed to work well. It’s all about how it feels and the better this experience, the more focussed you’ll be. 

We’re going to digress a little;

At LaneSystems we talk often about cyber security and keeping client/company data fully secure at all times. Over the last nine months we’ve been toing and froing between work and home, sometimes using different pieces of hardware based on location. The agony of remembering passwords is certainly a first world problem! Not only can this be an absolute pain, it becomes highly insecure when we begin emailing such details to one another. Don’t panic, there’s an easy fix!

Cross Platform Password Managers

This vital hardware addition like many of the features and products above gives you back time; and who doesn’t want this? Forget Marty Mcfly and Doc, password managers will take you back to the future!

So how does it work?

Using LastPass as an example (there are plenty out there), simply download and create a single, secure master password. From here you have access to a password vault. Each time you login to an important site, simply import this directly to your vault for safe keeping. With both free and premium versions available, paying for such an addition definitely saves money in the form of time on a daily basis.

Let’s get back on track;

Are you constantly switching between computer and smartphone use every day? Granted, in the grand scheme of things this doesn’t pose a massive problem, but what if there was an even better way to communicate and all from the same place?

Phone to Computer Connection

What will they think of next? Mac and iPhone users are likely already familiar with this concept. By connecting, users can send and receive text messages whilst taking and making calls, all through the hardware. Android phones and Windows also provide this functionality through a handy app. iPhone to PC however, whilst doable, can be quite the faff.

Overall, phone to computer connection is yet another great way to work more productively.

We’re about to get techy;

If your work consists of highly creative projects or bouncing in between a lot of apps, this next piece of hardware is definitely for you.

Programmable Peripheral Controllers

Ideal for reducing finger gymnastics, this handy piece of kit allows you to program individual keys to then replicate multiple keystrokes. Yet again we’ve brought you hardware that will allow you to make the most of your time.

If you’d like to discuss any of the hardware solutions we’ve discussed today please speak to our IT Support specialists today.

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