Do I Need to Update Software?

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As you’re beavering away working on an important project, a notification pops up on the PC telling you a software update is available. What do you do? With deadline looming and not wanting to lose you’re thread the mouse travels quickly over to the ‘cancel button’. ‘I’ll get to this later’ you surmise but never actually do. Ring any bells?

Today we are discussing the importance of updates to software and why you should in fact take the few minutes out of your day to ensure they’re done. Whilst they may not be at the top of an ever expanding priority list, software updates help keep the door shut to potential hackers. In addition we are addressing the Windows 10 from 7 upgrade and why it’s never been more important.

Throughout past posts we have discussed what can happen should your company experience a cyber attack. Results are potentially catastrophic with a worst scenario seeing you out of business alongside potential lawsuits for data breaches.

Let’s take a look at just a handful of cyber attacks from around the globe that could have been avoided should software have been kept fully and correctly up to date.

218 Million Compromised

It’s quite a hefty number and the hack occurred through the Words with Friends Database. This sought after word game available across smartphone devices saw Android and IOS users who registered before 2nd September 2019, affected. Details leaked include name, email address, login ID’s, passwords, phone numbers, Facebook ID and more.

Marriott International Breach

As of July this year, this huge hotel chain is to be fined almost over £100m by the Information Commissioner’s Office. Why? Through a massive breach if confidential information hackers were able to steal the personal records of 339 million guests. Research suggests the breach occurred in 2014 and not discovered until four years later.

School Hacking to Enhance Water Gun Fight

Yes, you did read that correctly. Whilst this particular case may appear amusing on the surface it highlights the efforts some will go to for their own gain, even if personal data is not what’s required. Detected at the Downington Area School District it’s believed the breach contained the personal information of students. Although not a malicious attack as the student in question was merely looking to outdo peers in a water gun challenge, it certainly had the potential to be. 

The above examples are three of the far too many we can read about today.

Why Upgrade Windows 7 to 10?

If you’ve been avoiding the inevitable Windows update for some time, it really is time to upgrade. As of 14th January 2020 support for Windows 7 officially ends. After 10 years of running this version you MUST ensure your PC continues to run smoothly. Other than the fact support will no longer be available, why should you upgrade?

Security Factors

Microsoft will no longer provide any security updates, fixes or technical support. This of course leaves a PC open to potential threats.

User Experience Features

Having experienced some teething problems in its early days, Windows 10 is now under control and offers additional user benefits. One example includes the ability to access texts and notifications on your phone using your PC. There’s also a dictation feature and plenty more. Without the upgrade users have no access to such advanced features.

Automatic Updates

Unlike previous versions, Windows 10 provides automatic updates by default. This means you don’t even have to think about them which is fantastic when you’re in the middle of an important piece of work.

How can you upgrade easily?

There’s a couple of ways. Firstly, if you get in touch with our team at LaneSystems we can arrange to smoothly upgrade systems for you. Alternatively, take a look at this article. As ever, be safe, be secure and if unsure of the best way forward, consult the experts.

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