Disaster Recovery – Are You Prepared?

Posted By: Hayley Thursday 25th January 2018

When you ask someone how they are planning for a disaster, you may find in general that they have little or no plans as they believe that particular misfortune will not fall on them. In fact, several studies have found humans are generally optimistic by nature. Search for this on your search engine of choice and you will see what I mean. Being optimistic is of course a positive and desired trait. It can help us achieve goals and live life in a glowing light.

I see evidence of this natural human tendency when discussing IT disaster recovery with others. Speaking to a business decision maker about their lack of plan in case of IT disaster, responses are generally optimistic in nature; “That won’t happen to us”, “It has never gone wrong before”, “we will deal with that if it happens”.

The problem is we are not talking about an inconvenience or annoyance when we talk about IT Disaster Recovery. We are talking about the complete and utter failure of your entire IT System. No more logging in to the computer, no more checking of your emails, no more checking invoices or incoming orders. An IT Disaster can be devastating to a business should it strike, bringing down all operations. If not correctly planned out the business could be down for days, weeks, months or even longer. Can you really afford to be so blasé about something which can have such an impact on your business?

Another response I often receive goes along the lines of “Its fine, I have backups”. Sounds good. However, what exactly do these backups cover? Having file backups is not enough in the case of a disaster recovery. What about your server operating systems, domain environment, email servers, user accounts etc? How long would it take to manually recreate all the configurations required to get your systems back up and running?

There is nothing wrong with being optimistic, however at times you do need to marry up optimism with realism. You do not want your natural optimism forcing you to be unprepared for the future. You must think optimistically, but plan realistically.

Mark Shields