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We know you’re likely familiar with Cyber attacks, but have you ever heard of Cyber Essentials?

Let’s investigate;

The Government backed scheme, in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and IASME Consortium provides a simple, yet robust check and certification. This can be implemented immediately, improving network security.

Cyber Essentials Covers 5 Key Areas

  1. Firewalls
  2. Control of access to data & services
  3. Protection from Malware & Viruses
  4. Ensuring Devices & Software are up to date 
  5. Utilising the most secure settings on devices & software

At LaneSystems we include all of these areas and have added on the identification and implementation of backups for data.

Alongside the added security against Ransomware, Malware, Phishing attacks, Password Guessing and Network attacks, deployment of the five measures comes with a number of additional benefits. Certification means you can work with the UK Government and the MOD if choosing to apply for Cyber Essentials Plus. In addition, there’s an increased appeal to new clients seeking reassurance that their data is being protected.

Companies and organisations of all sizes are vulnerable to attack, as was demonstrated by a recent BBC news article. This revealed the estimated costs of a successful cyber-attack Redcar and Cleveland Council’s website fell victim to.  Running to the region of £10.4m the attack caused major disruption to several vital Council services. 

With the cost of certification being almost 10 times cheaper than the average cost of a Cyber Security breach for medium companies it’s a sensible move and can even help reduce the costs of your Cyber Insurance with many providers. 

Thinking about getting your own certification but have no idea where to start?

At LaneSystems we’ve been helping our IT partners across the North East manage the whole process from beginning to end whilst giving peace of mind without any of the headache.  Our Cyber Security experts assess all equipment and systems providing advice on infrastructure, systems and applications to ensure a successful Cyber Essentials Certification process.

To stay protected, get started today and contact LaneSystems.

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