Beware of Dodgy Software Upgrades

Posted By: Helen Monday 4th November 2019 Tags: , , , , , ,

This month at LaneSystems we are looking at software upgrades and their importance. With the busiest shopping day of the year fast approaching, we want to make sure any software upgrades you purchase are legitimate. With all the fantastic bargains to be had on Black Friday it’s unfortunate that some people will fall foul by purchasing software upgrades set to do more harm than good.

What is a software upgrade?

An upgrade is the replacement of an existing product with a newer version. As it’s an upgraded version it’s likely to be better and contain additional features.

Is an upgrade the same as an update?

No, they are two very different things. As explained above an upgrade changes the existing version. A software update fixes any bugs whilst making minor improvements.

Why should you upgrade?

There are numerous reasons to upgrade. Updating gives users access to the latest features designed to make processes quicker and easier. On the flip side the longer a particular programme is around, the more time hackers have to work on a breach. Cyber crime is a constant game of cat and mouse with programmers learning the responses of hackers before creating more secure software that eventually will be open to compromise.

Software upgrade prices too good to be true……

If you’re searching for a specific software upgrade and come across a price so cheap it’s almost too good to be true, it probably is! We understand there’s costs attached to upgrades but as the saying goes, ‘you only get what you pay for’.

What are the dangers of dodgy software?

You could be purchasing a pirated copy (illegal copy of the original) and whilst it’s cheap in the first instance, this mistake could cost you in the long run. Let’s say you run the upgrade and it’s actually disguised as malware? Before you know it, data has vanished and the system crashes. In this instance you will have to take numerous costs into consideration including downtime, loss of data, costs to retrieve data and of course the purchase of the correct software upgrade.

It might not actually work

This is definitely an element to consider. You’ve spent the money (albeit less), load it up and it doesn’t work. Alternatively it may work for a little while before breaking just when you need it most. This means you’re not actually left with anything useful. You’ll be out of pocket and will have lost valuable time on a specific project.

You’re wide open to a potential cyber attack

Statistics show 34% of ‘dodgy software’ is embedded with malware designed to infect a PC after download. Of this 34% around half are Trojans. Such viruses lead to the exposure of financial and confidential information, identity theft and more.

Updates pose an issue

Software that’s not original can’t be updated and this means you will fail to be as secure as you could be. You will also be unable to undergo an even better usage experience introduced by updates.

There could be some legal problems

If the software you’re using is not the original and turns out to be a pirated version, you’re a party to the use of a copyright infringement. If the relevant authorities were alerted to such misuse there is potential for a lawsuit.

The conclusion;

Don’t try to save money with a cheaper version of the software required. Not only is this against the law, you will lose money, potentially data and could find yourself with a virus. It’s not worth the risk.