5 Tips on Added Value Through Marketing

Posted By: Helen Tuesday 3rd September 2019 Tags: , , , , , , ,

On a previous post discussing Added Value, we talked about the different efforts companies can adopt in order to provide the customer with ‘a little extra’. We mentioned the benefits of building a brand and reputation, the importance of fantastic customer service, additional purchase features, convenience and more.

Today we are going to focus upon brand building efforts and how YOU as a business have the ability to provide your customer base added value through marketing techniques. 

Blogging Efforts

Adding a blog section to your website is a brilliant way of providing information whilst educating your audience. In order to create the right posts it’s important to understand what a potential customer is looking for. Do they have a specific question they need answering, for example. It’s important to see a blog as a place to inform as opposed to sell and this is where the ‘added value’ comes in. Provide the right answers and an audience is more likely to share your content.

Results: You will begin building a positive brand online with people commenting on your blogs and even sharing the information.

Video That Impacts

Video marketing is growing larger by the day. People love to watch a video and they don’t necessarily have to be professionally produced. Think in the same way you would with blogging. Answer the questions an audience poses. To be successful with this technique, videos need to be consistent. Don’t simply create one and then do nothing.

Results: Similarly to the above, brand awareness will experience growth. In addition, viewers gain an insight into personality. You’re offering them a glimpse into you and your company. Remember, people buy from people!

Regular Newsletters

When we say regular, we don’t mean you spam customers. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly works well depending on your industry and business type. Analyse your audience. If you’re business to consumer, collaborate all the very best offers whilst providing links straight through to purchase. For business to business, a newsletter provides the perfect platform to collate all of the important industry information your customers don’t have time to find themselves.

Results: Further brand awareness goes without saying. You’re also saving the customer time by giving them links straight through to offers and important information. Most newsletter platforms provide statistics showing how many people have opened the email, where they clicked and how long they remained there. This data is very valuable in terms of how you target newsletters.

Social Media Channels

The channels you use will very much depend on your business. Whilst it makes perfect sense for a restaurant to post mouth-watering images of amazing dishes on Instagram, an IT company may struggle for ideas. The fact is, many people resort to social media when searching for products and services. They want to see profiles that are regularly updated with great content and that also contain reviews. Choose social media to represent your company and create a content plan to suit.

Results: Again, increased brand awareness with content for people to potentially share. Customers are receiving added value in terms of seeing products that best suit their needs and having questions answered through informative posts.


Depending on how you wish to communicate with a particular demographic, an infographic may be the perfect solution. Use them as an alternative or to complement text. Using images, diagrams and charts, an infographic provides a great visual for an audience to gain all the details required.

Results: The infographic has the potential to be shared, therefore further building your brand.

Whilst creating relevant content through the above mediums, you’re actually providing a targeted audience with added value, potentially even before they have purchased from you. As a business you are building a great online brand through the art of being heard. The added value comes from more and more people learning who you are with a number of them actually buying from you.