IT Consultancy Uncovered

Posted By: Claire Tuesday 6th March 2018 Tags: , , , ,

What Exactly is IT Consultancy?

Consultants are specific field experts providing services to individuals or companies. In the world of IT support, consultancy encompasses professionals that provide expert IT knowledge for a fee.

But of course, it goes deeper than this;

IT Consultants closely study and analyse existing hardware and software, noting how they are used internally and externally. Problems are identified that perhaps wouldn’t be distinguishable by the layman. This is carried out to guide companies further towards business targets and objectives.

Companies such as ourselves provide intelligent IT solutions aiming to simplify and protect internal processes whilst increasing workplace productivity and collaboration. IT Consultants are hired to help with technology related issues.

Why use a qualified professional?

This frequently asked question often resorts to a good old Google search in hot pursuit of the very best answer. With a vast amount of available information there’s plenty around to ‘solve’ any IT issues you may be experiencing. Advice and guidance consists of numerous documented procedures and solutions for various problems and circumstances. As in all related discussions however, the proposed solution may not be the most appropriate to your business.

IT related issues can differ across the board meaning related procedures should be consultancy lead. Company needs are priority to a consultant. The solutions allocated should only ever be the right one for you and the relating sector. From improving a single system to determining entirely new hardware and processes, a consultant helps business owners improve their IT knowledge in order to reach business goals.

What do IT Consultants Offer?

  • Hardware Provision: Advice on IT equipment such as PCs, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Infrastructure: Guidance on internet services, servers, & the use of data centers.
  • Disaster Recovery: Making sure the correct process is in place. 
  • Software & Updates: Ensuring suitable software is in use and remaining on top of necessary updates. Microsoft365 is one example of this. 
  • Cybersecurity: The provision of firewalls and antivirus.

Let’s dig a little deeper;

Provide Hardware & Infrastructure

Often companies who offer IT Consultancy will lead onto support not only designing the infrastructure and introducing hardware but maintaining and hosting also. Business resources are well looked after including networking, security and server deployments.

Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery plan is a carefully formulated strategy designed to recover damage caused by IT related incidents. Problems include lost information and data files, online backup and data protection  and server replication. This service is a significant benefit of IT Consultancy giving clients peace of mind that should something go wrong, a solution is at the ready.


Ensuring data is safely kept and virus-free, a full audit is carried out with the relevant measures put securely in place. With full network security available, business owners can rest easy. We know how stressful it can be!

Employing an IT Consultant means companies have direct access to all the support they need without having to hire internally. Not only does this offer convenience it saves an entire salary. No longer do businesses have to worry about holiday and sick pay when it comes to IT support!