IT Consultancy Uncovered

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IT Consultancy

Why do you need IT consultancy from a qualified provider? People have posed this question many a time, often resorting to Google for the answers.

There is a vast amount of information on many aspects of IT requirements on the internet. These include many documented procedures and solutions for various circumstances. Unfortunately, like in all related discussions and proposed solutions, the correct one for your business type may not be readily available.  In addition it may not be applicable to what you actually need based upon circumstances.

In many cases advice from friends and relations results in the wrong solution. This creates more indirect costs associated with your problem. Free advice is not necessarily wrong but lacks the supporting evidence that is required for investment.

IT Consultants also attend trade shows where they see, hear, and learn about other, often newer, technologies. IT consultants will have a better-informed perspective on all the options available.

People often see IT consultants and their related costs as an unnecessary expenditure. A good consultant will in fact bring about savings for the business through the strategic budgetary term. An example below is based on cost comparison and services provided commonly within the IT industry.

  • Support contract (all-inclusive over hourly time purchased)
  • IT staff
  • Telephony solutions (tariff and maintenance costs)
  • Printing costs
  • Website management fees (SEO / Social media / Maintenance)
  • Cloud based backup options
  • Disaster recovery solutions

Review of these areas will generate an average of 10 -15% saving based on a 1-2 year term. This is based on an average company size of 10-15 users and 1 server. The savings are also reflected in the indirect time used by individual members of staff, due to poor performance or inappropriate resource allocation within the organisation.

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