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Throughout June we have been discussing Corporate Responsibility within the workplace. As a factor we take seriously we would like to share how we tackle Corporate Responsibility and the benefits this has on our team members. We have spoken to three of our employees to discuss their individual journeys.

But first…..

A quick recap. We recently published a post called Investigating Corporate Responsibility. This blog explains exactly what’s involved and offers some tips on how to create a policy that’s perfect for your company. In a nutshell, the concept is based around on responsibility, behaviour and positive impact on employees.

Let’s dive in.

We are going to begin with Callum who has been with the company since September 2016.

Q: Hi Callum, thank you for taking some time out to discuss your journey with LaneSystems. Can you tell us what your job title was when you first started working here? Callum sits back in his chair, stretching slightly whilst searching his head for the information.

A: ‘It seems like such a long time ago’, he laughs. ‘Yes, I was an Apprentice Technician’.

Q: Time does certainly fly, that’s for sure! How long was your apprenticeship?

A: ‘It was 18 months in total’.

Q: Explain to us what the apprenticeship involved.

A: ‘My training revolved around a Microsoft Course which is known as an MTA or Microsoft Technology Associate. During the 18 months I spent a total of 5 weeks away training. Each time was a period of one week where it would be intensive learning followed by an exam at the end. I also had to create a portfolio for assessment at the very end of the course. I passed everything accordingly which was great’.

Q: That’s great Callum, thank you. So what happened when you completed your apprenticeship?

A: ‘LaneSystems took me on officially as a full time member of staff which was great’.

Q: Fantastic news! Have you done any further training since passing your original course?

A: ‘Because of the type of job I do, you’re learning every single day. I’m definitely looking to progress though. In the near future I would like to undertake an MDAA (Modern Desktop Administrator associate). This will allow me to broaden my knowledge and give me insight into a potential specialist field.

Q: It certainly sounds like you are heading in the right direction. One final question Callum. How have LaneSystems supported you in your journey so far?

A: ‘The team have been great. When you come to work at LaneSystems you’re encouraged to work to the very best of your ability. This company ethos means that management is keen to support you in terms of further training and will provide funding in order to help you progress’.

As we leave Callum he slips back into the depths of concentration within a highly technical job role.

Callum’s future looks extremely bright. Having started out as an apprentice he was taken on as a permanent employee and is looking to better himself and further his career with the direct support of LaneSystems.

But that’s not all…..

The support offered by the company holds many benefits. Firstly, Callum feels he is a valued team member. He is given the opportunity to thrive within a career he is passionate about and offered additional training. From LaneSystems perspective they have a loyal employee who is keen to do well for the company. This important relationship is one forged from a mutual respect, trust and of course, based around the principles of Corporate Responsibility.

Thoughts so far?

We’re going to move onto Hayley. This young lady is fantastic to say the least! Her desk is positioned in the reception area where she meets and greets people, always with a warm and welcoming smile. There’s no better attribute when it comes to relationship building than being greeted by a happy, confident smile and pleasantries. This comes naturally to Hayley and is a quality we would love to bottle! It was great to sit down and have a good chat with Hayley about her journey to date with LaneSystems.

Q: Hello Hayley! Can you start off by telling us how long you have worked here?

A: ‘Three years in October’.

B: And what was your original job title?

A: ‘I was a Business Admin Apprentice’.

Q: How long was your course?

A: Hayley smiles before saying ‘It was a 12 month course but I finished way ahead of time. It was mainly coursework based and I completed this quickly in order to gain my qualification’.

Q: That’s fantastic Hayley. Can you expand on what the course entailed? 

A:‘The apprenticeship was mainly distance learning. I had an assessor who came in to the office once each month and she would go through the coursework to make sure any examples I gave were relevant’.

Q: What modules did you have to complete and were they beneficial to the actual practical, day-to-day tasks within your job role?

A: ‘I had to do Data Protection, Office Management, Storing and Retrieving Data and How to Email Effectively. The course itself was great as there are a lot more modules to choose from. When I first met with my assessor we looked in detail at the modules available and my actual job description. From here we chose attributes directly related to my role’.

Q: It sounds like you had a really good assessor. What is your job title now Hayley and what are your day to day tasks? Having watched you for a while now, it seems like you keep the Technicians in check and ensure everything is in its place!

A: It’s at this point Hayley laughs. If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Hayley, we must tell you – her laugh is nothing shy of infectious. She literally brightens the room.I’m an Administrative Assistant and my daily tasks include directing calls, manning our online chat, placing orders for stock, telling off the technicians’, Hayley begins laughing again. ‘I also have to complete a full stock check once every month. This is a big task in itself and very important in terms of what we need to order and what needs to go out  to clients etc.

Q: Thank you Hayley. Finally, can you tell us if you have completed any further training since your apprenticeship and do you feel supported at LaneSystems?

A: ‘I actually look after the Microsoft licences for all of our clients. This includes their purchase and to do this I have to be certified. I take the exam each and every year to stay up to date and am more than willing to undergo any additional training that comes my way. The company are very supportive when it comes to bettering yourself and there’s plenty of experienced people around me to ask for advice when I need it’.

What a great chat with Hayley. Her positive attitude and happy nature is a credit to the company. LaneSystems understand that the first point of contact with their company is extremely important. First impressions matter and it’s important to get this right. As a business they have put faith and trust into Hayley who has clearly taken to her position like a duck to water. The mutual levels of respect are evident and alongside Hayley’s bright career, LaneSystems will continue gaining a wonderful reputation due to this point of contact.

Finally we decided to check in with Matthew. As one of the newest team members, Matthew is currently undergoing a Cyber Security Apprenticeship at Level 4. We first spoke with him when he had only been with the company for two weeks. You can learn about the start of his journey via our Interview with Matthew Paley blog.

Q: Hello again Matthew. How are you settling in and how long have you been with LaneSystems now?

A:Hi. Yeah, I’m getting on well thank you and it’s been three months now’.

Q: Remind us Matthew of the modules you are studying.

A: When Matthew came to LaneSystems he was in the process of completing a Level 3 in Networking. With this now finished he has moved on to the level 4. ‘I’m doing Network and Digital Communications, The Theory of Security Case Development, Good Design Practice, Security Technician Building Blocks, Employment of Cryptography and Ethical Hacking’.

Q: It may be too soon to ask this question as you have only just started your apprenticeship but do you have any ideas on the training you would like to complete in the future?

A: ‘The job I am learning to do is very technical. There are so many elements of Cyber Security and with the ever changing advances in technology there is always something new to learn. I just take each day as it comes rather than think about the bigger picture. At this point in time I would like to learn as much as I can about the subject each and every day’.

Q: That’s a great response Matthew, thank you. How are LaneSystems supporting you?

A: ‘The team are about to answer any questions I have, show me how to complete specific tasks and basically guide me in the right direction’.

It certainly looks like Matthew in on the right path to success. For him, he is surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and support in an environment he’s passionate about and will clearly thrive in. For LaneSystems, they have employed a very keen and mature young man who is looking to progress within the company. 

Having taken the time to speak with some of the LaneSystems team, it is evident that Callum, Hayley and Matthew feel valued within the workplace. They have access to training where required and can request additional support and courses should they feel necessary. These factors not only meet a Corporate Responsibility Policy head on, they ensure a happy and confident workforce.

What could possibly be more valuable …?

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