What is IT Support?

Posted By: Helen Wednesday 18th July 2018

IT Support is a subject many companies are aware of. It is also a topic that sometimes business owners prefer to ignore, leaving it floating in the air until a disaster strikes. Today’s blog post delves into the definition of IT support, how it benefits a company and why you need it.

So what is IT Support?

If you have ever purchased a laptop or PC for personal use then you will be familiar with the guarantee of IT support that is issued alongside. This is usually for a limited time and offers the customer peace of mind whilst they get setup and begin using their computer. Depending on where purchased from, the guarantee can be the same when buying computers for business use. Likely to be remote, IT support given in this manner will guide customers through any processes required should any issues arise.

Ok, but that all sounds quite simplistic…..

Yes, it does sound simplistic and is a basic definition of IT support offered via guarantee when purchasing equipment. Now, imagine a company of twenty people with each team member beavering away every day on a desktop PC. In order to run smoothly this company requires the use of fully functioning machines each and every day. What if one PC suddenly stops working? Who is responsible for this? Who will take a look at this? What if updates are required? What if backups are needed? What if, what if, what if? The most effective and easiest solution; get on the phone to IT support who will resolve any issues and be there to help you get back working as fast as possible.

Do I need to hire someone to work in-house?

This is one solution to consider. However, you do have the option of outsourcing IT support. You will find a range of packages available to specifically suit the needs of your company. You can of course take a look at what we offer right here at LaneSystems (had to get that in somewhere)! We are industry experts, working with companies across the North East and are extremely proud of our high retention rate. Working closely with clients as their IT partner we offer a solution that fits their needs.

This sounds straightforward enough. Is it really that easy?

Yes, absolutely. The trick is however is to find a company that will assess your business needs before offering solutions that fit.

So what do I need to consider?

IT Infrastructure is the place to start. Is what you currently have in place helping your business reach its full potential?

It is important to assess antivirus needs. Is what you are currently using the best solution? There are advancements within technology every day and with threats ever on the rise you need to be covered from the offset. Any data you store needs to be kept secure behind a sturdy firewall and through virus protection. Taking this one step further, enhanced security addresses internal internet and network usage policies. This means your team are well briefed and equipped with enough knowledge to be able to stop a potential attack before it happens.

Have you ever been in a position whereby data has vanished? Issues like this can arise and it is recommended that every company should employ a data recovery strategy. The best solution is one that’s created bespoke to needs. Take a look at some disaster recovery stories here.

Backups are fundamental to data recovery and something to seriously take into consideration when looking for relevant IT support. If you are unfortunate enough to lose any data, this needs to be recovered successfully. The only way to gain back information is if it has been backed up in the first place. The ideal solution will not affect your internet connection in any way and encrypt using a 256 bit encryption key before transferring data securely to a datacentre.

But that’s not all….

The benefits of adopting bespoke IT support are intrinsic to business growth. If you have everything required in place, the chances of experiencing a disaster are dramatically reduced meaning you have the time to focus on what matters – your company.

Will I save money?

Yup! A good IT support company will assess your IT infrastructure making recommendations and changes without cutting corners and in a way that will save you money both now and in the long run.

What happens if I am working late into the night and experience an issue?

Ensure you partner with a company that offers 24 hour support. It is intrinsic that systems are running smoothly at all times.

IT support ensures you have the correct infrastructure in place. From the purchase of machines to ensuring a high functioning antivirus is in place, your company will be covered. The potential loss of data need no longer be an issue. Should anything become lost, it can be recovered as long as you have disaster recovery firmly in place. IT support allows you to focus on your business whilst feeling confident that everything is running smoothly in the background. Why wouldn’t you adopt this service?