How to Stop Hardware Updates on Windows 10

Posted By: Helen Friday 10th January 2020 Tags: , , , , ,

By now you should be using Windows 10 version 7 a program of the distant past. If you’re not, we recommend you stop reading this now and pick up the phone! One of the many brand new features Windows 10 has to offer are automatic updates. These include new versions of hardware drivers also. Today we’re going to investigate how you can disable such updates.

Why would you want to hold off on automatic updates?

Whilst the majority of us are more than happy to let updates take their course, certain people aren’t so keen. If you have stored specific settings these can potentially be lost during updates. In contrast, on occasion specific drivers may cause problems when Windows performs an update and ideally this needs to be avoided.

Temporary Prevention of Windows 10 Re Installation

If updates are causing issues such as crashing or instability you have the option to stop this until the availability of a fix. All you need to do is follow these two straightforward points:

  1. Go directly to the Search Box and enter View Installed Updates. Click View Installed Updates – Control Panel from search results. 
  2. Choose the update you wish to remove, select accordingly and click uninstall.

What if it tries to reinstall again?

Don’t worry, this feature can be temporarily disabled whilst awaiting an appropriate fix via a troubleshooter.

How do I gain access to the troubleshooter?

Run show or hide updates by downloading it from the Microsoft Download Center. Open this document and follow relevant instructions to hide the problematic driver or update.

The process is a relatively straightforward one. Even if IT is not your strongest skill, the steps are quite simple taking just a few moments to complete.

Could LaneSystems do this for us?

Yes, we certainly could. We can even take things one step further ensuring updates have no need to be skipped. Our expert technicians have the ability to diagnose issues before they even arise.

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