9 Reasons Companies Should Outsource IT Support Services

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IT Support is one element every business needs to consider. Waiting until something goes wrong can and will result in negative affects, so why wait? Today we are taking you through  reasons why companies should outsource IT Support Services.

Manage Staff Costs

Hiring internal IT specialists does not come without expenses. In house IT support will cost a UK company anywhere between £18,590 and £29,000. Depending on the size of a business determines the number of people required to do the job. Take holidays, pensions, sick pay and additional training into consideration and the costs soon rack up.

How does outsourcing compare?

Opting for external IT Support quite simply results in the same, if not a better service. Costs reduce dramatically with businesses only paying specifically for the services required.

Manage IT Costs

Consider everything required in terms of IT infrastructure. Companies require servers, relevant networks, high levels of security, possibly Cloud Solutions, Office 365 and numerous other components in order to function effectively. When outsourced, fixed costs transform into variables, allowing for wiggle room in a budget. A company will only pay for the IT infrastructure they specifically require.

Maintain Workflow

Whether it’s hardware, software, security or anything else related to IT, the technologies sitting behind continue to advance, even becoming a challenge (especially to those not tech savvy). Busy companies need to be able to enter their workplace each and every day without worrying about IT glitches. In addition, a business is always trying to stay one step ahead of the competition by using the latest innovative solutions to gain and maintain customers. Outsourcing IT support puts these factors into the external companies hands.

Reduce Stress

Should an IT related issue arise, it not only affects systems and customers. Staff members become worried, stressed and anxious. A loss in productivity comes with a whole host of worries in itself for a team including management. Security breaches and the loss of data are a real threat. Working alongside skilled IT professionals ensures elements such as these are covered and looked after in the first instance.

Stay Business Focused

Team Leaders, Managers, Managing Directors and Business Owners are ultimately responsible for the overall running of a company. Removing IT Support from their remit allows such team members to specifically focus on the core elements of the business.

Using the Latest Resources

Reverting back to earlier points, we mentioned infrastructure, hardware and software. When a company chooses to execute these inhouse it’s down to their internal team to ensure they are consistently up to date. Choosing external support services however means it’s not just the larger companies gaining access to latest technologies and better methods. This is hugely beneficial for smaller companies to tap into the latest technological advantages.

Reduce Risk

When a company hires an IT Technician or even a team, they become responsible for every element of risk attached. It’s imperative businesses take the following elements into consideration concerning IT:

  • Government Regulations & Legislation
  • Economic Conditions
  • Competitors
  • New & Evolving Technologies

How does outsourcing compare?

Much of the above mentioned risk is taken on board by an external IT company. Due to ever expanding information and knowledge and potential risks are noted and dealt with immediately; usually without the managed company ever even knowing.

Ensure Security

The last thing any company wants to deal with is a breach in data security. The effects can be devastating and it pays to avoid such potential results at all costs. Most recently in Teesside, Redcar Council was hit by hackers who managed to take over systems. Outsourcing IT Support reputably ensures companies are fully up to date on the most recent governing standards. Otherwise known as a Cyber Attack, take a look at one of our previous blogs, ‘What is a Cyber Attack & are you Prepared’, to learn the specifics.

Be More Competitive

As previously mentioned, implementing IT infrastructure and everything else that goes with this is not only time consuming, it’s costly. Internally, the effects will inevitably be passed onto clients in terms of product and service costs. The results? A company becomes less competitive in terms of price. Outsourcing IT Support means everyone’s costs are lowered.

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