Wrapping up 2020!

Posted By: Helen Tuesday 22nd December 2020Tags: , , ,

Wow, where to even begin with 2020! It’s been a strange year to say the very least and whilst it would be easy to focus upon the negatives, we’re going to ‘spin it’ a full 360!

“Look for something positive each day. Even if some days you have to look a little harder”.

Over the last twelve months we’ve discussed hardware and software, funding opportunities in the North East, phishing attacks, cyber essentials, the hybrid working model and much more. Having managed to avoid mentioning it for 98 words, we’ve also discussed the worldwide pandemic that is COVID-19 and this is where we’re going to start. Let’s remember though, we’re keeping things positive.

“You can still make something beautiful and something powerful out of a really bad situation”.

On 23rd March, Boris Johnson addressed the UK.

With businesses across the UK rapidly finding the best way to continue trading, the Team at LaneSystems fast stepped it up a gear. During March, April and May we worked tirelessly to ensure clients had the right equipment and the best cyber security, enabling them to work at home effectively. It goes without saying that we employed all of the necessary aspects to ensure the utmost safety of our team. You can read more about how we tackled the three months of lockdown in our June blog, Working Through COVID-19.

We Embraced Hybrid Working

As 2020 evolved it became apparent how so many of us have adopted the Hybrid Working Model. With much of the UK now working both at home in combination with periods of time in the office, this new norm has proved advantageous for many companies. As IT Support specialists our mission was and is to ensure safe and secure system use for clients. Our blog, Effective Hybrid Working Combined with Microsoft 365 highlights available security measures in working successfully.

Bear with us here;

As with any change to the ‘norm’, there’s always elements of danger and in 2020 this came in the form of increased phishing attacks. Don’t panic, we’re not going down the negative route!

Phishing Attacks 2020

We spend a LOT of time discussing cyber security both with our clients and online. The importance of safety should NEVER be underestimated. Just as COVID-19 has peaked and troughed, so have phishing attacks. It’s been unfortunate to learn that large organisations such as Newcastle University have fallen victim to cyber crime.

Staying on top and being aware of security systems is good practice. If anything, COVID-19 has urged companies to assess such necessities before making the correct adjustments. In order to highlight how easy it is to fall foul of phishing attempts, our team designed a nifty experiment. Informative results act as a teaching tool for companies and their employees. 

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

The ‘C’ Word

And no… we don’t mean the virus! With Christmas fast approaching we want to help support local businesses. Shopping with independent businesses is something we endorse as a general rule. With the trials and tribulations of this year, we decided to help promote a number of local companies on the lead up to Christmas. If you’ve still got gifts left to buy we recommend heading over to 12 Days of Christmas: Keeping it Local. Here you’ll find links to fantastic gift ideas such as beanies, customised cufflinks, beautiful coffee blends and so much more.

“When you support a small business you’re supporting a dream”. 

In 2020, by shopping locally, you’re not only supporting a dream, you’re playing a part in someone else’s survival. Again, it’s been a tough year for everyone in this country. By sticking together and keeping to the rules we will get through this.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish every single one of our clients, suppliers, connections and readers a huge Merry Christmas. If this year has taught us anything it’s how we should cherish those we love.

“When we have each other we have everything”.