Meet the Team: Toni Stratton

Posted By: Helen Tuesday 18th June 2019Tags: , , , , , ,

In today’s blog post we would like to introduce you to another member of our team. Toni Stratton is part of the management team and we decided it’s time to get to know her a little more.

Q: Hi Toni. Can you tell us your job title please?

A: ‘I’m a Business Consultant’.

Q: Fantastic, thank you. How long have you been working with LaneSystems?

A: ‘It’s actually almost 18 months now’.

Q: Can you explain what your job role of Business Consultant entails?

A: ‘I enjoy my role as the tasks are varying. The thought of having to do exactly the same thing day in and day out would definitely not work for me! I support our Finance Controller and am responsible internally for the HR aspects and Health & Safety of LaneSystems. I’m also the lead on quality and I offer consultancy and source funding for clients.

Q: Yes, that definitely sounds like a varied role! Can you expand a little on the consultancy you provide?

A: ‘Working closely with smaller clients we pull together a strategy to enable their business to reach the next level. I will establish goals with the client then support them in achieving these. I also investigate any new business incentives and train staff members where necessary as a part of the consultancy role’.

Q: That’s great Toni. Can you tell us about the type of roles you had prior to working at LaneSystems?

A: ‘I worked in the Law Courts for 15 years and thoroughly enjoyed it. At times I would have access to some very intriguing cases and you would find that on occasion, new members of the team would struggle to deal with certain ones. More experienced staff had the ability to detach themselves, as I did and literally get on with my job’.

Toni goes on to tell us about her claim to fame whilst working within the courts:

‘I actually have a really great story. A television production company approached our court. They wanted to use the building for filming. I was tasked with negotiating terms and contracts. I was then actually in the TV show as an extra, it was really exciting. The program was called Harry.

Now there’s variation for you Toni!

Q: That sounds like it was a really interesting job Toni! What made you decide to move on? Did you not wish to pursue a career in acting at this point?

A: Toni laughs as she goes on to say, ‘As all the smaller courts began to merge into one larger court, my job became very specific. I had a single task of managing hundreds of magistrates for the 35-40 courts each week. As I’ve previously mentioned, I enjoy a varied role so decided to move on’.

Q: Where did you move on to?

A: ‘Because I was already a qualified assessor I gravitated towards the training sector where I remained for 15 years. During this time, we delivered training and support in schools, for the long-term unemployed, those undergoing apprenticeships and private clients.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

‘I attend Salsa dancing, although not as much lately. I’ve always been into cycling and recently I’ve been getting into it an awful lot more. My partner is actually in the process of building me a very fancy bike. It’s rather amusing as he will send me pictures of the frame and the pedals whilst explaining how they differ from the norm. I just want it built so I can get out and ride’!

Q: A little birdy told me you have a penchant for wedding cars?

A: ‘Ah yes, that’s true. I occasionally work with Classic Wedding Cars, often doing the bride runs. Before collecting I will carry out the usual gas and oil checks, add a ribbon if requested and ALWAYS ensure there’s champagne and an umbrella in the boot! It’s a great feel good factor to be a part of someone’s special day.

Toni then tells us:

‘I aim to try two new experiences every year. 2019 is looking good for karting and I am hoping to get involved with the South Shields Rowing Club upon my return from holiday’.

Having interviewed Toni, it’s definitely clear she thrives on varying tasks in her work and personal life! Thank you for your time Toni!