New Email Scam Alert -12/09/2019

Posted By: Hayley Friday 13th September 2019Tags: , ,

Please be wary of spoof emails from legitimate companies requesting invoices to be paid.

Please be aware that there is a new scam on the internet, Various emails have not been picked up by the Microsoft spam engines in relation to Microsoft office 365 expiry and unpaid invoices. They come in the form of an exact copy of Microsoft emails warning that your account will be disabled  unless you pay the outstanding amount. There is a link for payment on the email and it takes you to a Microsoft website to process this payment . It looks genuine and the website is masked to show Microsoft payment center. Unfortunately it’s a SCAM.

Always go directly to your account and review the payment , do not use any links as they are used to obtain your user credentials.

Should you come across anything that is a potential threat (invoice requests you aren’t expecting, spoof emails from people within the company etc) please get in touch with the details below.

Tel. 01740623582
or forward the email to: