May 2018 Newsletter

Posted By: Hayley Monday 4th June 2018

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May 2018 Newsletter


Facebook tells kids to take a break from Social Media

Facebook tells kids to take a break from Social Media

Facebook is to give teenagers tips on taking breaks from the website amid fears that too much social media use is leading to stress.

The company has told young users it is “OK to take a social media break” if they feel stressed on the social network and spend some time in the real world and acknowledged that younger people should stop using the site “if using Facebook is making you feel sad or stressed”.

The advice comes as part of Facebook’s “Youth Portal”, a site which offers advice on how teenagers should use social media.

The advice appears to contrast with Facebook’s own attempts to get more young people on the social network, such as through its Messenger Kids app, which is aimed at children under the age of 13.

Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, has criticised social media companies for failing to protect children and demanded apps introduce time limits.

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Twitter update hides tweets posted by trolls

Twitter update hides tweets posted by trolls

Twitter is turning to a new tactic in the company’s long-running battle against internet trolls, simply hiding their posts from view.

The US social network, which has spent years coming under fire for failing to delete abusive messages, will not display tweets from users who have exhibited certain “troll-like” characteristics. This includes people who have repeatedly tweeted at users who do not follow them, those who have often been blocked by other members of the site, or those who set up multiple accounts at once.

Twitter says that while many posts do not break its rules, and so do not warrant users being banned, they may still be in poor taste or offensive to a large number of users. The move means that while the posts will not be deleted, they will be far less visible, particularly in search results and when viewing replies to existing tweets. By making the tweets less visible, instead of having to make decisions on whether they are banned outright, the social network hopes to maintain its free speech credentials while making the service more enjoyable for average users. However, it may lead to criticism that it is sweeping the problem under the carpet by refusing to take down offensive tweets.

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Face Recognition police tools 'Staggeringly Inaccurate'

Face Recognition police tools ‘Staggeringly Inaccurate’

Police must address concerns over the use of facial recognition systems or may face legal action, the UK’s privacy watchdog says.

Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said the issue had become a “priority” for her office. An investigation by campaign group Big Brother Watch suggested the technology flagged up a “staggering” number of innocent people as suspects. But police have defended the technology and say safeguards are in place.

Which police forces are using facial recognition

Big Brother Watch submitted freedom of information requests to every police force in the UK. Two police forces acknowledged they were currently testing facial recognition cameras.

The Metropolitan Police used facial recognition at London’s Notting Hill carnival in 2016 and 2017 and at a Remembrance Sunday event. Its system incorrectly flagged 102 people as potential suspects and led to no arrests.

In figures given to Big Brother Watch, South Wales Police said its technology had made 2,685 “matches” between May 2017 and March 2018 – but 2,451 were false alarms.

Leicestershire Police tested facial recognition in 2015 but is no longer using it at events.

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Chinese School uses facial recognition to monitor student attention in class

Chinese School uses facial recognition to monitor student attention in class

A Chinese school has installed facial recognition technology to monitor how attentive students are in class.

Every movement of pupils at Hangzhou Number 11 High School in eastern China is watched by three cameras positioned above the blackboard. The “smart classroom behaviour management system”, or “smart eye”, is the latest highly-intrusive surveillance equipment to be rolled out in China, where leaders have rushed to use the latest technology to monitor the wider population.

The system has been installed in one classroom but will be deployed across the school by the summer, headmaster Ni Ziyuan said.

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Cake Van

Cake Van

Carers Week 11th – 17th June 2018

We are doing our bit to help

On Wednesday, 13th June, LaneSystems will be travelling around the Stockton, Newcastle/ Gateshead areas, bringing cakes to our clients in exchange for donations for Carers Trust Tyne & Wear. Tablets and other great raffle prizes will also be on offer.

Carers Trust Tyne & Wear is a local charity working to improve the lives of carers. They provide services to carers and their families to enable them to maintain their caring role, have a life of their own and maintain their own health and well-being.

The charity provides practical support, information and short breaks for adult and young carers (aged 5-25) and their families.

You can find out more about their services at

There are an estimated 7 million carers in the UK. Carers can be of any age; however, they are often hidden from view or hard to reach, and unrecognised by their community. PLEASE SUPPORT.

Carer Definition

What's included in your IT Support Contract?

What’s included in your IT Support Contract?

It’s a great feeling when a client returns to us. Of course, all clients are going to look at the market at some point, and the occasional few are enticed away by incentives or reduced costs. However, when a client returns, we get to learn why.

Our IT Support Contracts are all-inclusive:

  • WE DON’T CHARGE EXTRA if a technician has to visit your site
  • WE DON’T CHARGE LABOUR COSTS on software upgrades on 3rd party products
  • We also offer FREE out of hours support for e.g. server updates
  • NO EXTRA COST for regular review meetings, at your site
  • AND, your systems are monitored over weekends.

We offer a transparent bespoke incident logging system (ticket system) where the user tells us how long we have to respond, based on the menu given:

What's included in your IT Support Contract?

We can boost a 96.23% response rate within the user selected level.

Perhaps this is why we retain 90% of our clients longer than 5 years, and of those lost to competitors, 50% have returned.

Why not have a discussion with Jonathan Smith, when your contract is next due for renewal.

To speak with Jonathan regarding IT Support, you can either call on 01740 623582 or email



GDPR, Are You Compliant?

GDPR, Are You Compliant?

As you may be aware, the GDPR Regulations came in to force last week (25th May 2018). That means from now, companies could be fined for non-compliance.

This isn’t cause to panic if you aren’t quite prepared still as long as you’re on the way there and we are here to help. If you need any advice on reaching GDPR Compliance, please do not hesitate to give us a call and speak with Jonathan Smith our business development officer who will be able to assist you.

To speak with Jonathan, you can either call on 01740 623582 or email



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