July Newsletter 2018

Posted By: Hayley Wednesday 1st August 2018

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July 2018 Newsletter

We're Hiring

We’re Hiring

LaneSystems would like to announce that we’re currently looking for a new Field Technician. In brief, tasks will include troubleshooting, repairing hardware & software issues with workstation & servers, attending clients sites to diagnose & repair problems and working to deadlines with a team managing larger projects such as server installs under guidance. As well as this you would be taking telephone calls & dealing with fault enquiries as and when required.

We are also now looking for a Lead Generator. Tasks will include but are not limited to; identifying business opportunities, consulting with owners of businesses to build a rapport with them & visiting potential client sites to raise awareness of the company.

For further information on the roles, please contact Mark Shields on 01740623582 or pop your CV in an email to enquiries@lanesystems.co.uk.

Jagtech Ltd

Jagtech Ltd

Each month, at LaneSystems, we will be shining a light on one of our clients — this month, we’d like to introduce Jagtech Ltd.

Established in 2005 by Paul Renwick and Jeff Rogers, Jagtech are an independent Jaguar specialist with master technician grade technicians. They deal with everything for the Jaguar including servicing, repairs, maintenance, electrical issues, air conditioning and diagnostic fault finding. The workshop is fully equipped and includes diagnostic equipment from Jaguar. Their service is described by clients as ‘the best thing that can happen to a Jaguar owner’.

For more information, please visit: http://www.jagtech.co.uk | Call 01642607878 | Email info@jagtech.co.uk

Police facial recognition system faces legal challenge

Police facial recognition system faces legal challenge

A legal challenge against the use of automatic facial recognition technology by police has been launched by a civil liberties group. Automatic Facial Recognition uses CCTV or surveillance cameras to record and compare facial characteristics with images on police databases.

Lawyers for Big Brother Watch argue the use of AFR breaches the rights of individuals under the Human Rights Act. The Metropolitan Police says the technology will help keep London safe. The system is being piloted in London, with three other forces – Humberside, South Wales, and Leicestershire – also trialling the technology. However, it has proved controversial, with one watchdog describing its use in public places as “very intrusive”. Court documents, seen by the BBC, also claim the Home Office has failed in its duty to properly regulate AFR’s use.

Manufacturers of the systems say they can monitor multiple cameras in real time “matching” thousands of faces a minute with images already held by the police – often mugshots taken of suspects who have been taken into custody. However, Big Brother Watch says the Met’s own research, published in May, shows that during trials only two genuine matches were made out of 104 system “alerts”. The group also takes issue with the length of time the images gathered by AFR are held.

Continue the story at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44928792

21-Year-old woman charge with Hacking Selena Gomez' email account

21-Year-old woman charge with Hacking Selena Gomez’ email account

A 21-year-old New Jersey woman has been charged with hacking into the email accounts of pop star and actress Selena Gomez, stealing her personal photos, and then leaked them to the Internet.

Susan Atrach of Ridgefield Park was charged Thursday with 11 felony counts — five counts of identity theft, five counts of accessing and using computer data to commit fraud or illegally obtain money, property or data, and one count of accessing computer data without permission.

According to the prosecutors, Atrach allegedly hacked into email accounts belonging to Gomez and one of her associates several times between June 2015 and February 2016, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said in a press release. She then obtained images and other media stored there and shared them with her friends and posted them online.

Gomez, who has more than 138 million followers on Instagram, was the victim of a hacking attack in August 2017, when nude photographs of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber were posted to her Instagram account. However, it is not immediately clear if those photos were also the subject of the criminal charges against Atrach. According to LA Times, Atrach is believed to have broken into Apple iCloud and Yahoo email accounts used by Gomez and her personal assistant, by using the publicly-available information to answer the singer’s “secret questions”. She then reportedly stole digital information, including nude photos of Justin Bieber that were taken as Gomez and Bieber vacationed in Bora Bora in 2015, and made them online. Atrach is scheduled to be arraigned in Los Angeles Superior Court by August 27.

If convicted, Atrach could face up to nine years and eight months in prison.

To carry on reading on this you can go to: https://thehackernews.com/2018/07/selena-gomez-email-hacking.html

iPhone Rumours: what we know so far about Apple's new handsets

iPhone Rumours: what we know so far about Apple’s new handsets

Amid the usual fanfare, Apple is expected to reveal its latest iPhone developments later this year with the launch of an update to its premium iPhone X and two new smartphones including a smaller model and its largest model ever.

The California tech giant normally keeps its plans tightly under wraps, and this year is no exception. But there are a handful of rumours and reports leaking out which hint at what we may see when Apple debuts the new devices.

Last year, Apple released one of its biggest smartphone upgrades in years with its tenth anniversary iPhone. The iPhone X (or “ten” as they like to call it) presented a major design shift with an all-screen front, a dual camera, wireless charging and facial recognition technology. This year the company will be expected to improve on that design. While the iPhone X was a critical success, it was considered hugely expensive at £1,000 and, while profitable for Apple, has not sold in huge numbers like some of its older devices.

iPhone 2018 release date

Apple normally releases its latest iPhone in the first couple of weeks of September. Last year, the iPhone X was launched on September 12 and Apple normally reveals its smartphone two weeks after German technology conference IFA, which this year is taking place in the last week of August. Then it could be a couple of months before Apple’s new products hit the shelves. Last year its iPhone 8 was released in the weeks after it was unveiled, but the iPhone X was not available to buy until November.

What will the new iPhone be called?

Apple fans will be reduced to guesswork on this question. The new phone could be called the iPhone Xs, some have suggested, returning Apple to its naming convention of adding an “s” to its new generation of smartphones. Some have posited it could be called the iPhone 9, but this would mean taking the iPhone naming out of sequence. There have been suggestions that the largest version of the new iPhone will be called the iPhone X Plus.

To read more on the rumours surrounding the new iPhone release, please head to: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/0/iphone-rumours-know-far-apples-new-handsets/

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