Interview with new Staff Member, Ryan Clarke

Posted By: Helen Sunday 31st March 2019Tags: , , ,

A little over four weeks ago we welcomed Ryan Clarke to the LaneSystems team. Having given him time to settle in, we have spent some time with Ryan in order to get to know him a little better.

Q: Hi Ryan! So what’s your job title?

A: ‘IT Technical Sales Apprentice’.

Q: So what did you do when you left school?

A: ‘I started out doing a web development and procurement course. From here I went on to something completely unrelated in Travel and Tourism’, Ryan laughs. ‘I enjoyed it, but my passion was with IT related subjects’.

Q: Where did you go from here?

A: ‘Websites and coding have always intrigued me. I became heavily involved in this aspect. Using the skills I’d learned from my original course I continued to teach myself and became a self taught, freelance web designer’.

Q: That’s fantastic! What did you enjoy about this?

A: It’s great having your own schedule and managing your own workload. What becomes difficult however is when projects build up and you realise there’s only you to complete them. I was working around the clock in order to get sites completed. It also became quite a solitary existence and I missed interacting with people’.

Q: You say you missed interacting with people. Is this what pushed you to apply for an apprenticeship with LaneSystems?

A: ‘Yes, absolutely. I really enjoy being around other people. You learn so much more when surrounded by experienced people. I also love customer service and feel passionate about providing the best possible experience to everyone I come into contact with’.

Q: What does your role at LaneSystems involve?

A: It’s quite a technical role which is great for me. I’m learning new things every day in terms of IT based systems and have the opportunity to discuss issues with customers both over the phone and in face to face meetings’.

Q: How long is your apprenticeship and what qualification will you gain?

A: ‘My apprenticeship lasts for a year. Come March 2020 I will receive a Level 3 in IT Technical Sales’.

Q: Can you tell us about some of the modules you have to complete?

A: ‘Yeah, sure. They’re really interesting and because it’s a virtual apprenticeship I don’t have to take any time out to attend college. This is great for me as I firmly believe you learn most when actually working and surrounding yourself with experienced people. I’m currently working my way through a coding module’. Ryan smiles as he goes on to say ‘as you can imagine, this module is pretty straightforward for me given my web design background. I will also be covering

an MTA in Cloud Fundamentals, Social Selling, Sales Fundamentals, BSC award in business processes and a Level 3 in IT Technical Sales. I think that’s everything’!

Q: You’ve been here 4 weeks now. How have you settled in?

A: ‘Just 4 weeks? It feels like longer – in a good way of course! I really like it here. The atmosphere is fantastic and the people are great and extremely knowledgeable. I enjoy the fact you can get to know the team and learn whilst doing your job. I always have something to do and I have some great guidance from Hayley, our admin assistant. She actually began here a few years ago as an apprentice and has been brilliant showing me the ropes’.

Q: It sounds like you’re really getting to grips with the company and their ethos which is great! Tell us what you enjoy doing outside of work.

A: Ryan’s eyes light up as he tells us about his love for everything automotive. ‘Well, I’ve recently bought a 1.9 Golf TDI. I’m busy fixing it up at the moment ready for when I pass my driving test. I love messing about with engines. I also like Motocross. These hobbies keep me busy outside of work’!  

Thank you Ryan! It certainly sounds like Ryan is settling in well and becoming a valued member of the team. LaneSystems have strong ethics when it comes to customer service. You will see across the website as well as in blog posts that one of our aims is to become IT partners with the companies we work with. It’s clear Ryan shares these ethics and wants to progress further.

Welcome to the team!