Interview with Laura Hartland-Adams

Posted By: Helen Tuesday 7th May 2019Tags: , , , , ,

In a bid to keep you up to date with our latest news, we are continuing the theme of company growth. Today we would like to introduce you to Laura Hartland-Adams, our latest team member.

Let’s dive into Laura’s interview.

Q: Hi Laura, it’s great meeting you. Can you tell us your job title please?

A: ‘Hi, yeah sure, my job title is ‘Sales Consultant’.

Q: Fantastic! Can you tell us what this involves?

A: ‘Absolutely. It’s a Business Development role and involves me introducing new clients to LaneSystems and their products and services. I am here to meet the needs of new clients and to ensure they have everything required from an IT support perspective in order to further grow their company’.

Q: That’s great Laura, thank you. It sounds like quality customer service will be high on the list of priorities for this role?

A: Laura smiles before saying ‘Oh yes and I am bringing an abundance of this with me! A high level of customer service is extremely important and good business relationships will often separate a company from the competition’.

Q: Can you tell us about previous roles you’ve had?

A: ‘All of my previous job roles have involved high levels of customer service. I’ve worked in Stakeholder Management, Events and Project Management and love working closely with people. One of my strengths is the fact I can think of effective solutions quickly in any given situation. Oh, I was also a General manager of a 5 Star Business Centre also.

Q: Wow Laura, your background sounds amazing! A little birdy told us you used to live and work in Northern Ireland. Can you tell us a little more about this experience?

A: ‘I lived in Belfast for four years having followed my now husband there for work. At the time his job involved searching for olympic talent which was really exciting. During this time I got to know and love the area as well as the people. Whilst living here one of my roles included Outdoor Security. It was a great experience’.

Q: What an experience! Can you tell us one of the main differences between Northern Ireland and England?

A: ‘It’s a bizarre one but the shops don’t open until around 1pm on a Sunday’!

Q: Let‘s bring you back to the present. How long have you been at LaneSystems?

A: ‘I started out doing two days a week but last week was my first full week. The management team have been wonderful whilst I’ve been sourcing the right childcare’.

Q: We hear childcare, we have to learn more!

A: Laura’s face lights up, ‘I have a little boy who’s two in June. He’s a wonderful little terror’!

Q: Have you settled in to LaneSystems?

A: ‘Absolutely. The team are fantastic, welcoming and so friendly. I just wish they would stop trying to force feed me delicious food like doughnuts’!

Q: Ha ha! It sounds like you are settling in well and finding your feet. Tell us a little about what you enjoy doing outside of work.

A: ‘I’m actually learning to knit and crochet. I love anything crafty and DIY related. I’m very family and friends orientated. Spending time with my son is amazing and my husband and I are currently looking at the region in a different light. Because we have our son we have to make sure the places we go are ready for our toddler’!

Laura, thank you so much for your time and we are looking forward to getting to know you more as you progress within the LaneSystems family.

If you have any questions for Laura with regards to the products and services offered at LaneSystems, please get in touch with her via