February 2018 Newsletter

Posted By: Hayley Thursday 15th March 2018

Time Running Out for SME’s to Hit GDPR Deadline

Fewer than one in 10 small businesses have completed their preparations for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regime (GDPR), new research shows, even though the demanding regulation comes into force in less than three months.

Data from the Federation of Small Businesses suggests a third of small businesses have not even started preparing for the GDPR, while a further third concede they are still in the early stages of preparations. Just 8 per cent of small businesses have completed their preparations for the regulation, which comes into force on 25 May.

Mike Cherry, the FSB’s national chairman, warned many small businesses would be caught out by the new rules and called for regulators to take a softly-softly approach to enforcement in the early days.

“The GDPR is the biggest shake-up in data protection to date and many small businesses will be concerned that the changes will be too much to handle; it’s clear that a large part of the small business community is still unaware of the steps that they need to take to comply and may be left playing catch-up,” Cherry said.

“With less than 100 days until the changes come into force, the attention now shifts to the Information Commissioner’s Office and whether it can effectively manage the demands of small businesses seeking advice and guidance. Non-compliance must initially be dealt with in a light touch manner instead of handing down tough penalties. There must be a willingness to play a supportive role in ensuring that small businesses can and are able to comply.”

Nevertheless, GDPR experts stress that small and medium-sized enterprises themselves must also take responsibility for GDPR compliance – and warn any small or medium-sized enterprise that thinks it is exempt from this shake-up in the data protection laws is in for a rude awakening. All the more so given the potential penalties for GDPR failures: tofay, the Information Commissioner’s Office has the powers to fine businesses up to £500,000 for data protection failures, but under GDPR the maximum fine is €20m or 4 per cent of annual turnover.

To carry on reading, please visit – https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidprosser/2018/02/27/time-running-out-for-smes-to-hit-gdpr-deadline/#2d069b8a3ddc

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Anti-cheat software reveals Shakespeare ‘borrowed’ phrases from little-known manuscript

Scholars have long argued about the inspiration for Shakespeare’s canon. Now a piece of software, used for detecting plagiarism among university students, may have the answer
Researchers Dennis McCarthy and June Schlueter believe that the Bard of Avon may have borrowed turns of phrases and plotlines from a little-known 16th century manuscript, Rebellion and Rebels by George North.

After feeding the text into the WCopyfind tool, which is used by universities to check students haven’t plagiarised when submitting essays, the scholars found 20 matching passages between North’s tale and Richard III, Macbeth, Henry V and King Lear. North was a figure in the court of Queen Elizabeth, serving as an ambassador to Sweden in the late 1500s.

North’s text includes similar plotlines, themes and scenes to those that appear in Shakespeare’ work, they argue. But what is most convincing is the pattern of words which appear to be lifted from North’s tome.

In the opening of the text, North’s dedication urges people to harness their inner beauty using a succession of words including “proportion”, “glass”, “feature”, “fair”, “deformed”, “world”, “shadow”, and finally, “nature”.  This bears similarity to Gloucester’s opening speech in Richard III: “Now is the winter of our discontent…” which include each of these words, the academics argued.

To read more on this, please go to: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2018/02/09/anti-cheat-software-reveals-shakespeare-borrowed-phrases-little/

Would You go Under a Robot Surgeons Knife?

In a private room at University College London Hospital (UCLH), 57-year-old Bayram Dolukup is calmly waiting for a “morbid” surgical procedure in which, over the course of five hours, his bladder will be removed and a new one created from a section of his large intestine. Wearing a diamond-patterned hospital gown and clutching his smartphone, he is accompanied by his wife and daughter-in-law, who are nervously quiet.

What led Dolukup to this point was a series of urine infections over the past two years that had become harder to treat and increasingly painful. In October, he finally heard the worst; the discomfort wasn’t the result of cystitis, but cancer. “That’s it,” he thought, “I could see life’s full stop there.”

Until his diagnosis, the Turkish-born driving instructor from Enfield, Middlesex, had been fit, otherwise healthy and eagerly awaiting the arrival of his second grandchild. But the cancer had advanced so deep into his bladder that the only option was a cystectomy, the complete removal of the bladder, prostate and surrounding lymph nodes. “Cancer is a word that you never want to hear,” he says.

To Read more on this, please visit: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/would-go-robot-surgeons-knife/

PhysioTherapy Offer from Active PhysioCare

Now that the skiing/snowboarding season is upon us, its time to get those skis and boards out that haven’t been used for the last year. Check that they are in good condition and will help you enjoy the week away you have been looking forward to. BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR BODY. Has it be looked after properly in the last year or have you developed stiffness or some weakness from sitting at a computer for hours each day.

Did you know many skiing injuries can be avoided by proper conditioning and preparation? A few of the right stretches here and exercises there can make the world of difference to your safety and skiing ability and how you enjoy your time on the slopes.

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