Posted By: Hayley Monday 5th February 2018

Samsung’s Folding Phone Could Open Like A Book

We know Samsung is experimenting with the concept of folding smartphones. Mobile head DJ Koh has said we can expect one as early as 2018. There was also a patent for a phone that folds down at the centre.

The rumour flame was further stoked when a model number for an unknown Galaxy phone was found on the Samsung website. Some believe that this could be Samsung’s folding phone.

Thanks to a document said to be a new Samsung patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), we have an idea of how a foldable Samsung phone could look. Turns out, it might look a lot like the ZTE Axon M, a two-screen device that can be viewed four ways, and opens to make one big 6.75-inch screen. (Or like the Nintendo 3DS, if you prefer.)

In it, Samsung shows off a folding phone concept that has two separate displays connected by hinges at the bottom and top, instead of with a central seam like the Axon M.

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Chrome To Block Ads In February

Google yesterday announced that it will start blocking ads in its Chrome browser on Feb. 15. Websites that want to avoid the Chrome hammer can either shed several broad categories of online ads or pay a consortium of advertisers, advertising trade associations and technology companies, including Google, Microsoft and Facebook, to become “certified.” Starting on February 15, in line with the Coalition’s guidelines, Chrome will remove all ads from sites that have a ‘failing’ status,” Google said on its website, referring to the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA), a group that’s promised to scour the web of the most annoying advertisements.

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Apple Faces Law Suits After Admitting To Slowing Down Older IPhones

Apple faces a wave of class action lawsuits claiming that it deceived customers using an “immoral” tactic to slow down older phones. The technology giant admitted on Thursday that it slowed down iPhone 6, 6S and 7 models using a software update, to help fix a glitch with ageing batteries and protect internal phone components. Complainants requested that Apple should stop reducing power and pay compensation to affected customers in the first lawsuit, filed in California on Thursday, the Chicago Times reported that another suit filed by citizens in Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina sought compensation for Apple’s alleged violation of consumer protection laws.

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Bitcoin Takes Plunge After Hitting All Time High

Bitcoin has tumbled more than 30 percent after passing the all-time record $20,000 mark. The cryptocurrency plunged to $12,560 on Friday morning, following a week of warnings from global investors and high-profile hacks on currency exchanges.

It is widely believed that soaring popularity of Bitcoin Cash, which is a clone that shares its name and many key features, might be to blame. After one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, called Coinbase, began selling the rival on Tuesday, Bitcoin’s price dropped 10 per cent. News of a mini-crash on Thursday evening appears to have exacerbated the problem, with the price dropping $2,000 in twelve hours.

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This Christmas time, while some businesses might have been quietening down a touch, LaneSystems were out spreading Christmas cheer through charity work.

As you may know, Michel took part in the Boxing Day Community Project in which he helped cook for the less fortunate as well as taking in donations warm clothes and other treats throughout the month to give to attendees on the day. As well as this, Jonathan Heeley our Sales Consultant actually worked with Age UK Teesside by volunteering at their Christmas party. Whilst there he served refreshments as well as taking part in their Christmas quiz.

LaneSystems know that charity is not just for christmas time and do get involved the whole year round, to learn more about what we do and have done in the past or if you are a charity and would like to know how we can help you, please call us on 01740 623582 or email